Social Media Practice Assignment #2

Social Media
Practice Assignment #2

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

Welcome to Social Media Marketing Practice Assignment #2

Repeated info from other practice assignments:

Please note that these practice assignments are different from your 1-on-1 real work experience assignments which will come after you are finished with your training videos as stated on our website. These practice assignments are designed to help you immediately get practice implementing what you’ve just learned in smaller, more manageable chunks rather than just expecting you to know how to set up a full campaign all at once. These practice assignments are strategically broken up into several parts and in step-by-step format so that we can tackle every aspect of setting up an effective campaign from the research phase all the way to the creation phase. By doing each of these practice assignments, you will now know how to get your digital marketing campaigns up and going in an effective and strategic way. 

Doing these practice assignments are of course optional, but they are encouraged as this extra practice now will help you create better marketing campaigns for the 1-on-1 real work experience part of the program. Instructions on how to do each task, where to save your work, and examples so you can compare what you came up with vs. what I came up with so that you can assess how you did on this practice assignment will all be provided below. Please note that although I provide examples of the marketing content that I came up with in some of the practice assignments, there is no exact right way that your content should look like when it comes to marketing. So, you cannot expect your results to look exactly like mine. What is important is that you are implementing what I’ve taught you in the training videos and in the below practice assignment as this is all meant to help you create the best marketing campaigns possible. 

Hypothetical Company For This Assignment: 
Repeated info from other practice assignments: As with all practice assignments, you can use your own company, a company you’d like to work for, a made-up company in an industry you’re interested in, or you can use the hypothetical made-up Digital Marketing Agency I talk about below when completing each practice assignment. If you’re unsure which company to use for these practice assignments, using the made-up Digital Marketing Agency may be easiest for learning purposes as you’ll be able to compare and contrast your marketing content with the examples I provide which will be for a Digital Marketing Agency. The key thing is that you should use the same company throughout all of your practice assignments as the practice work you do on 1 practice assignment will be carried over and used in later practice assignments. 

Once again, like with all our practice assignments, I’m going to use a Digital Marketing Agency as our hypothetical company that we are trying to grow via Digital Marketing. I want you to assume that they specifically focus on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing and SEO Marketing. 

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Joseph's Work Product For This Assignment (Use this to compare and contrast your work)


Start of the Assignment

Let’s now create your Instagram profile so that if someone lands on it, people will clearly understand what you do and hopefully will want to take some type of action such as to follow you or to click on your link in bio so that they can take another action that you’re driving them to. 

In doing this practice assignment, you can go about this in 1 of 2 ways: 

  1. You can simply open a word document on your computer and just write out what you would do for each section of your Instagram Bio without actually creating or designing your logo and/or a landing page. 
  2. Or, you can do all the below and also design your logo and landing page using or any other free software online if you’d like practice on this aspect too. 

It’s whatever works best for you as this is just some extra hands-on practice.

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

Alright, let’s now work on each section of your Instagram Profile:
Step 1: Your Image Section

Your image section is where you should put your company’s logo or an image with your company’s name. 

If you don’t have a logo already, you can do 1 of 2 things: 

      • You can easily design your own logo within Canva. You can design it from scratch if you have design experience, or, you can simply go to the search bar and type in “logo” or “clothing logo” or “[company type] logo” and you’ll see a ton of templates pop up that you can use. What’s great about these template is, you can adjust them and put your own company info in there so creating a logo is super easy even if you aren’t a designer. This is the route I typically recommend for most.
    2. Hire a Freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr:
      • You can also hire a graphic designer on one of these platforms for relatively cheap if you want someone to create this for you. I of course don’t recommend you do this for any practice assignments for this course.
Step 2: Your Bio Section

As always, before creating your bio, you should look at what 5-10 successful Instagram competitors are doing with their bio section to give you some ideas of what yours should look like.

In this section, it’s important to: 

    1. Don’t make it 1 big blob of continuous text. Instead, use as few words as you can to get your point across and start a line for each new point so it’s easy to read. Emojis are often used here too to help break up text and to illustrate what you’re saying in a fun way. Make sure to include your Unique Selling Propositions (USP) and any relevant guarantees or stats here that show social proof as this can help legitimize you to someone who has never heard of you. Typically, you want this toward the top of your bio as this will incentivize people to keep reading the rest of your bio if it’s attention grabbing. Remember, your goal is to get your visitor’s attention so that they want to look into your business further and your bio tells them what they need to know about you in a succinct way. Instagram will give you 150 characters to do this.


    2. Don’t simply brag about how great you are. Instead, you want to phrase this section about how your service or product helps people.


    3. Make sure you include important keywords about what your company does in your bio so that your account has a chance to populate when someone puts in those keywords in the Instagram search bar. Since our hypothetical company here is a digital marketing agency, I want to make sure I have these keywords about the types of marketing this agency helps with such as “SEO Marketing” in my bio.


    4. Ideally, you’ll use also have a Call-To-Action (CTA) in your bio directing people to you click your link as having a CTA increases the chances that someone will take this next action. 
      • For Example: 
        • We guarantee you at least 10 new clients within your first 2 months or your money back!
        • 200+ companies helped
        • We can help you with: 
          • Social Media Marketing
          • Email Marketing
          • PPC Marketing
          • SEO Marketing
          • Set up a Free Consultation below (arrow pointing down at your link-in-bio)

(Including emojis in your profile is also typically helpful and you can use these sort of like bullet points).

Step 3: Your Link-In-Bio Section

Ideally, you want your link to look clean such as “” or something like that rather than “

And of course, you need to decide where this link takes someone when they click on it.

Step 4: The Links Someone Sees After Someone Clicks Your Your Link-In-Bio

In determining where your link-in-bio should take people, once again, you shouldn’t make this decision just on a whim. See what happens when you click on 5-10 of your competitors’ link-in-bio. Do they all take you straight to their homepage? Probably not. You’ll likely notice that they are taking you to a landing page that gives you a few options on links to click as this is where they are trying to direct you as they are likely trying to get you to become a lead or to make a purchase as you can see below:


Pay attention to what your competitors are doing here as you likely should be directing your Instagram visitors to similar places because once again, you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to this stuff. If they are your competitors, then that means they have the same target audience and if all of them are doing something very similar, it’s likely because it’s working well on this target audience which is why you should do something similar rather than just guess and put whatever links you want up there.

For this part of the practice assignment, the main thing you want to focus on is determining what 3-5 links you’d have on your landing page and making sure the wording is attractive so that people would want to click this to take the next action. Deciding what links to put here is important as you are essentially trying to take someone who merely saw you on social media and trying to turn them into a customer or a lead by giving them something (aka a lead magnet), such as an ebook, guide, discount, consultation etc in return for their email address so that you can remarket them with your email marketing and gain their trust over time so that they eventually become a customer.

If you want to get some extra practice with the design aspect of creating a landing page (you’ll get experience with this in the work experience part of the program), there are tons of websites that allow you to create a landing page for free including (which I find to be the easiest) and Mailchimp just to name a few. These websites have landing page templates that you can use as you see below, and from a design perspective, once again, take a look at what your competitors’ landing pages look like as yours likely should be somewhat similar but just with your own company’s spin on it.

All other fields are pretty self explanatory as you’re just filling in your personal information

Please note that we will not have an additional practice assignment for the other social media platforms that we cover in our program because as long as you understand the above concepts, the strategy is exactly the same on other platforms. Just like with Instagram, you’ll look at what 5-10 of your successful competitors are doing well on that platform and do something similar but with your own company’s twist. Make your bio focused on how you help vs. why you are so great and do everything else I mentioned above so that you can help guide these viewers into taking the actions that you want once they get to your profile.