Maximizing LinkedIn For More Opportunities

Just in case you’re relatively new to Linkedin, Linkedin is a place to show the business world your value and how strong of a worker you are. The reason why people do this is because this will lead to more opportunities for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had job opportunities come my way simply due to a post showing off content I created, results I helped my company achieve, or by mentioning a promotion I received. 

Trust me, if you go to any of my personal social media pages (outside of Linkedin), you’ll see, I never post. I just don’t like to. But, LinkedIn is different. Posting about this stuff is really important if you want more doors to open and if you want to advance your career quickly. This is why you’re already likely seeing so many recent graduates posting about what they’re doing now to level-up their skills and work experience and you should be too. 

Bottom line I want you taking from this is, I want you to get in the habit of whenever you do something to advance your career whether it’s: 

  • Starting this program 
  • Creating great content for work 
  • Getting hired
  • Accomplishing something special at work
  • Getting a promotion
  • Or getting a new job

I want you to get in the habit of quickly sharing that on LinkedIn. Don’t make the mistake I did early in my career by not utilizing LinkedIn. Once I started doing this, it opened up so many doors and gave me a tremendous amount of bargaining power for my yearly salary negotiations so make sure you’re doing this. 

With that being said, this is what I’d like for you to do right now since you’re doing something to advance your career

Go on LinkedIn and post the below (or something similar) and make sure to tag me and JobPrepped in it. I’ll “like” your post which will then give you some easy exposure to my network of hiring managers and recruiters right off the bat because whenever someone likes something on Linkedin, the post they liked is then shown to their network as well so they’ll be able to see you’re in my program.

Additionally, I suggest that you change your profile image to include the “#opentowork” frame so that it’s clear to anyone that sees your post that you’re looking for a job and you’re currently getting trained and gaining work experience in all of these incredibly important marketing areas. 

Here’s the post:

“I’m excited to say that I’ve joined @JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Program where I’ll get trained by @Joseph Blanco and get immediate work experience as a Digital Marketing Associate in Social Media, Email, PPC and SEO Marketing.”

If you’d like to add an image, you can use the below image.

Getting Your Tuition Refunded

As you know, as part of our program, if you refer 4 people to take our program (at equal or greater value than you’ve paid), then we refund all of what you’ve paid. I try to make this as easy as possible as I’d love to make this program free for all of our students. Anyways, to make this even easier on you, I sometimes get prospective students that ask if they can LinkedIn message a current student to see if they are liking the program. 9 times out of 10 these prospective students simply ask if you like the program and then end up enrolling. Therefore, I always ask my students if they’d like to be on the “Contact List” and if a prospective student reaches out to me asking to message 1 of our students, I’ll rotate which student of our program I tell them to reach out to. When they enroll, you’ll receive the referral credit. This is just an easy way that I can help my students get some easy referrals so you can hopefully get the program for free. This is 100% optional though.

If you’d like to be put on the “Contact List” so that I can send referrals your way, you need to make sure you post the above LinkedIn post so that prospective students can see that you’re an actual student of our program AND you must check the box below.  

Once you’re finished posting that, it’s now time to start the training videos 🙂