Marketing Resume Template

Info on this Resume Template

You do not need to use this resume template if what you have is already working for you and getting you interviews. I just wanted to provide a template for you just in case you don’t have one. What I like about this resume template is that the format allows you to get a lot of work experience down as there aren’t any columns and the header doesn’t take up too much space. What do hiring managers want the most? They want to see relevant marketing work experience so you want to give them as much of this as possible on your resume and I’ve always felt that this resume does a good job of highlighting work experience. If you feel like you need to add any other sections to your resume, I mention how to do so and their length in the Ultimate Marketing Resume Guidance document of your program materials.

As a good rule of thumb, try not to go under 10.5 font at the smallest. Also, make sure you aren’t just sending out 1 resume to all jobs as you need to personalize each resume you’re submitting based on the job description and what they are looking for in a new hire (especially the work experience section as you should be giving them the work experience they are asking for in the order they are asking for it assuming you have this experience). If you’re ever sending this directly to a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager, make sure you send it as a PDF rather than a Word document. Please don’t use a school email address or Hotmail on your resume as it doesn’t look professional. Also, Outlook email addresses often go to spam so I’d be careful using that. Ideally, use a Gmail address and if not that, then Yahoo. Please make sure you are using my Ultimate Marketing Resume Guidance document as part of your Program Materials as this will help you determine what to put on your resume. 

Finally, please don’t copy this “Professional Summary” verbatim but it is perfectly fine to use something very very similar. I just don’t want all of JobPrepped students having the exact same “Professional Summary” section.