Getting Started

Thank you for enrolling in our Hire Me package with JobPrepped. 

Here at JobPrepped, our main goal above everything else, is to help you get hired asap. So, follow our instructions as closely as possible as our proven method will help you get hired much faster. So, let’s get started. 

Before you start watching marketing training videos and completing work assignments, I want to go over how to make the best use of our program because the closer you follow our instruction, the faster you’ll get hired. 

Course Materials

Click here to access the folder that contains all of your course materials. 

Please download (or “Make a Copy” if you want to save it to your Google Drive instead of your computer) each of these Ultimate Digital Marketing Step-by-Step Guides to use with: 

  1. Your program
  2. To help determine what companies you should apply to
  3. To turn your resume into exactly what us hiring managers want to see
  4. And to make sure you ace your interviews by saying exactly what us hiring managers want to hear. 

There’s no need to take any notes during the program as these guides provide everything I go over in the lecture and I have formatted them in outline form for your convenience. Simply click the link, go to File, and then click Download. For your convenience, I’m providing a link to each of these below but you can also access the folder that contains all of the Ultimate Guides by clicking the above link as well.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Ultimate Guides

You’ll want to use these Ultimate Guides in a few different ways: 

  1. Use These With Your Lectures to Follow Along – There is no need to take notes in the program as these ultimate guides cover everything that I’m saying and I’ve already put them in outline format for your convenience. So, just sit back and absorb the information. 
  2. Use These With the Work Experience Part of Your Program – Each of these guides provides step-by-step instructions as well as tons of strategies on how to complete all of the optional tasks in the work experience part of your program. I want to make this part of the program as real as possible to how it will be once you are hired as a digital marketing professional. I will assign you tasks via email stating exactly what I want you to do just like your bosses will once you’re hired. You will have already been trained on how to accomplish all of these tasks via our training videos but you can and should reference each of these ultimate guides to help you produce the best work product possible and get the best results.
  3. Use The Ultimate Marketing Resume Guidance Now – JobPrepped’s primary goal is to get you hired as fast as possible. You’ll want to use this ultimate guide to fix your resume today and start getting your resume out there asap. That’s right. Don’t wait. Do this today. I’ll talk more about this below but this is a big part of how we get our students hired so quickly. Follow my guidance in here to a tee as this is giving us marketing hiring managers exactly what we want.  
  4. Use These Before Your Interviews – Review these before your interviews as I have a ton of interview tips in these ultimate guides as well as great questions that will show your interviewer that you are very experienced and that you will be an extremely valuable asset from day 1 if hired. 
  5. Use These In Your Job – These are the exact step-by-step instructions and guides that I provide my employees as these guides will cover 99% of the tasks that you’ll be assigned as an entry-level digital marketer and then some. These ultimate guides have tons of different strategies on how to complete many of these tasks so if 1 strategy doesn’t work, you’ll have tons of others to try out. Once you’re hired, have these guides with you at work and when your company is trying to come up with new strategies, simply refer back to these guides as you’ll have tons of great performing strategies that you can pitch that will really impress your managers and help you excel quickly in your job. 

Starting Our Program

Our program is very easy to use. Before we get into the training videos, we have a few things we want you to read. Remember, our entire goal is to get you hired as fast as possible so we want to make sure you immediately start doing the right things to start getting interviews and we discuss this in these guides that we want you to read before the trainings. 

  1. First, you’ll read our Advice – Where Should I Be Applying?
  2. Next, you’ll read our Ultimate Marketing Resume Guidance. Make these changes to your resume today. If you want to get hired quickly, I suggest you make these changes to your resume today and apply each day while simultaneously going through our program. I strongly suggest that you apply to at least 1 job opening per day for a total of at least 7 job openings per week.
  3. Next, you’ll read our Ultimate Marketing Interview Guidance. If you do what I say for your resume, a lot of our students start getting interviews rather quickly so I want you to immediately know how to properly prepare for them and ace them even if you haven’t finished our program yet. 
  4. Next, you’ll read Using LinkedIn Properly where I’ll tell you how I can help you get this program for free.
  5. Then, you’ll watch all of our training videos (and the Resume + Interview Guidance Lecture). 
  6. Finally, once you’re done with all the training videos, you’ll then get access to your first work experience assignment. 

All of this will be in order in your student portal and you’ll just work your way through each of these from top to bottom starting with the above mentioned Guides and then onto the training videos (Intro, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing, and Resume + Interview Guidance Lecture). You’ll have to go through these in order as the following video won’t play until you finish the one before it. 

Work Experience Part of the Program

Once you have completed all of the training videos (and the Resume + Interview Guidance Lecture), please email me letting me know you’ve finished and I will send your first assignment. You must finish the lectures before you can gain access to the work experience part of the program. In order to make all of my students 100% jobprepped and ready for their first professional full-time marketing job, we are going to begin interacting and corresponding in the exact same way that you will once you’re hired. I will email you your assignment with very clear instructions just like your bosses will. At this point, you will begin to work on the assignment as you have already been trained on how to do it. You’ll also want to reference your ultimate guides as these will once again show you exactly how to do each assignment. Once you have completed the assignment, you will email me with your work product and I will give you feedback on it and we’ll discuss if and how we’ll use it. I am of course always available via email ( if you have any questions and I’m always happy to help. However, in order to get the most out of this program, you too want to treat this as much as possible just like a real job. So, when you are assigned a task, unless there is something unclear, try your best to complete the task without asking a ton of questions via email on how to do something. Remember, your ultimate guides will show you how to do everything so you should try to turn there for guidance first. Turn to these ultimate guides once you’re hired as well as these will teach you how to do 99% of the tasks you’re assigned as you don’t want to be emailing your boss over and over again with questions as bosses like employees that try to figure things out on their own before just immediately asking questions. Once again though, I am not your boss so I am here for any and all questions you may have. I just want you to try to make this as real as possible as well as I want you to get in good habits and I want to teach you how to please your bosses once you’re hired. 

All Work Experience Assignments are 100% optional. You do not have to do any of these and there aren’t any deadlines for these. We just want to provide a way for our students to quickly gain the work experience they need to get hired faster. You will be given 4 assignments to work on and within these, you’ll gain all of the most in-demand work experience marketing/sales hiring managers want in their ideal candidates. If you do not want to do any of the assignments, you can just email me that you’d like to skip that assignment and we’ll move you onto the next assignment as they are all 100% optional. However, I suggest that you do all of these as gaining work experience in each of these areas is going to quickly make you an all-star caliber candidate to marketing hiring managers. 

Getting The Most Out Of Your Program

By far, and I do mean by far, the most important part of our program is the work experience section. Remember, work experience is the most important thing that hiring managers look at when deciding who to hire. Try to complete each assignment that is given to you as each of these assignments was strategically chosen as these are the most in-demand work experience areas that hiring managers want from entry-level marketing professionals. I can’t stress this point enough. By completing each of these tasks, your resume will now be stacked with all of the most in-demand marketing experience that hiring managers want. Although we will not be able to use all of our students’ work product, you want to do your very best on each of these assignments. If your work product is really good, we’ll use it and if it doesn’t quite fit our branding, that’s perfectly fine as well and you should add this to your portfolio as hiring managers love seeing the work product you’re capable of producing. The bottom line is that you want to do your very best with every single assignment because at the very least, these can be powerful demonstrations of your abilities in your portfolio. 

Where can I put JobPrepped on my resume?

You can list “Digital Marketing Associate” under JobPrepped in your work experience section and list all the bullet points that you completed in the optional work assignments. With each assignment, I will provide a few bullet points that you can add to your resume if you complete that assignment.  

How Long Will I Have Access To The Program?

You’ll have access to our training videos and the ability to submit your work product for feedback for 3 months from the date you’re given access to our training videos. You’ll get to keep our Ultimate Digital Marketing Step-by-Step Guides and we strongly suggest keeping these guides close to you once you start your job as these are the exact step-by-step processes you’ll be using to achieve amazing results at your job. Plus, there are tons of strategies in this guide so you can constantly pitch new strategies at your company that’s going to make you loved.

When Should I Start Applying For Jobs?

If you’re in a hurry to get a job asap, you should continue to apply each day while you are taking our program. If you are in our All-Star Candidate program, some students update their resume immediately with all of these bullet points as this is the work experience you’ll get with our program. I don’t have a problem with our All-Star Candidate students doing this but you’ll want to make sure that by the time you’re interviewing, that you’ve actually done these assignments so that you can speak about them. I want to help you get hired as fast as possible so feel free to do this if you plan on working through our program pretty quickly. Just so you have an idea of how long it will take to get through the program, there are 20 hours worth of training videos and then the assignments that follow can be done in the span of 4-5 days on the fast end if you want to speed through these. 

Resume – If you decide to start applying immediately with all these new bullet points of work experience, here’s what I suggest to ensure you get the most amount of interviews (we’ll go over this again at the end of the training videos in our Resume/Interview Lecture but I’ll give you a bit of insight now since you should start applying simultaneously while going through our program). Every resume you send out needs to be tailored for that job posting. When deciding what work experience to put down, here’s what I suggest. First, essentially copy and paste the experience they have listed in the job posting onto your resume and then put your info in there (assuming you have experience with that which you most likely will by the end of the course). After you’ve put in experience for all of the areas they are asking for, if there is still room on your resume, you want to then select from these additional bullet points that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. For instance, if it’s a Social Media Manager position, you’ll want to add additional Social Media bullet points that you’ve gained from our program. I suggest that you always try to have at least 1-2 bullet points in each of the 4 digital marketing areas (Social Media, Email, PPC, and SEO) so that they can see that you’re well rounded and can do a lot of different things for the company. 

Interview – If you start getting interviews before you’ve finished the lectures, I would suggest first trying to finish the lectures immediately so that you’re extremely prepared and confident, but if that’s not a possibility, make sure you reread our Ultimate Marketing Interview Guidance and move to our last lecture on Resumes and Interviewing and watch that. Also, open up each of our 4 Ultimate Guides and use the “Command + F” function and search for “Interview Tip”. This way you can quickly see some of the interview tips I talk about during our program. I have more on our IG page so you can check that out there as well.

I truly hope you enjoy this program. Remember, I’ve been a marketing/sales hiring manager for quite some time now and I can promise you, these are the exact skills and work experience that we want for entry-level marketing positions. Furthermore, although you can watch hundreds of hours on digital marketing, this program cuts out all of the fluff and gives you the exact training that you need so that you know how to do 99% of all tasks for any entry-level digital marketing position and then some. I know it’s hard for you to know what’s important and what’s not in the business world as you haven’t spent a ton of time in it, but I’m telling you first hand, by knowing the info in this program, you should go into every interview feeling extremely confident as you will without a doubt know more than 99% of those you are competing with for these jobs as this program will have already trained you for the job and then some. 

Remember, our main goal at JobPrepped is to get you hired as fast as possible. Follow our guidance and do what we say. Our method has worked for tons of our students and it will work for you as well as long as you follow our guidance. 

I hope you enjoy our program and I can’t wait to help you get the work experience you need immediately! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out as I’m always happy to help!