Getting Started

Thank you for enrolling in JobPrepped’s program.

Here at JobPrepped, our main goal is to train you in Digital Marketing and help you start growing your freelance business faster. We want to help you succeed every way possible so we try to be very direct with our students in what’s going to help you succeed in Digital Marketing to grow your freelance business faster but please keep in mind that we are NOT a magic wand. We’re going to give you all of the training, tools, and work experience to help you grow your freelance business faster, but at the end of the day, you have to use these tools we’re giving you, pay attention during the training videos to get better results, and apply what we are training you in on your business in order to get the best results as we of course can’t act on your behalf in growing your business

So, please follow our guidance as closely as possible especially when it comes to what you should be doing to grow your business with our digital marketing strategies that we’ll be training you in throughout this program.

Before you start watching our marketing training videos and getting to our work experience section, I want to first quickly go over how to make the best use of our program because the closer you follow our instruction, the faster you’ll be able to help your freelance business grow.

Course Materials

Click here to access the folder that contains all of your course materials. 

Please download (or “Make a Copy” if you want to save it to your Google Drive instead of your computer) all the program material you find in this folder right now so you have it to keep.

There’s no need to take any notes during the program as these guides provide everything I go over in the lectures and I have formatted them in outline form for your convenience. Simply click the link, go to File, and then click Download. For your convenience, I’m providing a link to each of these below but you can also access the folder that contains all of the Ultimate Guides by clicking the above link as well.


You’ll want to use these Ultimate Guides in a few different ways:

  1. Use These With Your Training Videos to Follow Along – There is no need to take super rigorous notes in the program as these Ultimate Guides cover the most important things that I’m saying. So, try not to worry about taking too many notes and just sit back and absorb the information.
  2. Use These With the Work Experience Part of Your Program – These guides go over tons of strategies on how to complete all of the optional tasks in the work experience part of your program. Once you finish all the training videos, you will get optional work experience assignments stating exactly what to do. You will have already been trained on how to accomplish all of these tasks via our training videos but you can and should reference each of these ultimate guides to help you produce the best work product possible and get the best results.
  3. Use These For Your Freelance Business – These are the exact instructions and guides that I provide my employees as these guides will cover just about all of the main tasks you’ll do in digital marketing. These ultimate guides have tons of different strategies on how to complete many of these tasks so if 1 strategy doesn’t work, you’ll have tons of others to try out. Additionally, use these guides for your company so that when you need to come up with new strategies, simply refer back to these guides as you’ll have tons of great performing strategies here for you to implement so you can grow your company faster.

Starting Our Program

Our program is very easy to use as you’ll just move from the top lesson of our course and move downward through our lessons in order. Before we get into the training videos, we have a few things we want you to read as the first part of our program (the Getting Started section) is all about turning you into the best freelance business owner possible so you can grow your business faster. Doing what we state in each of these sections will help you grow your freelance business faster and this is a very important part of the program so don’t skip this.

  1. 1st, you’ll read all of the guides in our Getting Started section as this is a key part of our program in helping you grow your business faster.
  2. 2nd, you’ll watch all of our Digital Marketing training videos
  3. 3rd, once you’re done with all the training videos, you’ll then get access to your first optional work experience assignment.

All of this is in order on the left-hand side of your screen and you’ll just work your way through each of these from top to bottom. Please make sure you do not skip any of this as each lesson is a key part in helping you get fully trained as a digital marketer so you can grow your business faster. You’ll have to go through these in order as the following video won’t play until you finish the one before it.

Work Experience Part of the Program

Once you have completed all of the training videos, you’ll then gain access to the work experience part of the program (any Linkedin posting of certificates is NOT part of your work assignments as these are merely ways to give you more exposure individually on Linkedin if you want that).

You must finish the lectures before you can gain access to the work experience part of the program as we need to train you on how to do this stuff first before you’ll know how to do a great job on these optional assignments. In order to make all of my students 100% jobprepped and ready to grow your freelance business faster, we are going to begin interacting and corresponding in the exact same way that you will with your clients. After you finish all the training videos, you’ll get access to your assignments with very clear instructions on how to do it. At this point, you will begin to work on the assignment as you have already been trained on how to do it. You’ll also want to reference your ultimate guides as these will once again show you exactly how to do each assignment. Once you have completed the assignment, you will email me with your work product and I will give you feedback on where you went right and where you went wrong so you can constantly be improving. I am of course always available via email ( if you have any questions and I’m always happy to help. Your ultimate guides will show you how to do everything so you should try to turn there for guidance first if you have any questions on how to do something for the optional assignments. Turn to these ultimate guides when trying to grow your business too as these will show you how to do the core digital marketing tasks.

All Work Experience Assignments are 100% optional. You do not have to do any of these and there aren’t any deadlines for these. We just want to provide a way for our students to quickly get 1-on-1 guidance on where they are going right and where they are going wrong when creating marketing campaigns. You will be given 4 assignments to work on and within these, you’ll gain hands-on work experience in the most common areas of digital marketing. If you do not want to do any of the assignments, you can just skip that assignment and move onto the next assignment as they are all 100% optional. However, I suggest that you do all of these so that we can provide you 1-on-1 feedback. Once again, any Linkedin posting of certificates is NOT part of the work experience section. Posting your certificates that you earned on LinkedIn is merely a way to show the world the training you have received and the areas you can help clients with.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Program

By far, and I do mean by far, the most important part of our program is the hands-on work experience section. Try to complete each assignment that is given to you as each of these assignments was strategically chosen as these are the most in-demand areas of marketing that you should have experience with so we can give you 1-on-1 feedback.

How Long Will I Have Access To The Program?

You’ll have access to our training videos and the ability to submit your work product for feedback for 5 months from the date you enrolled in the program.  You’ll get to keep our Ultimate Digital Marketing Guides and we strongly suggest keeping these guides close to you at your job as these are the exact step-by-step processes you’ll be using to achieve better results at your job. Plus, there are tons of strategies in these guides so you can refer back to these whenever you want to try something new in growing your business. 

I truly hope you enjoy this program. Remember, I’ve been a marketing/sales Executive and a business owner for quite some time now and I can promise you, these are the exact skills and strategies you’ll want to have to start growing your freelance business faster. Furthermore, although you can watch hundreds of hours on digital marketing, this program cuts out all of the fluff and gives you the exact training that you need so that you know how to do the most important digital marketing tasks that’s going to help your freelance business grow. I know it’s sometimes hard to know what’s important and what’s not in the business world, but I’m telling you first hand, by knowing the info in this program, you will know what you need to know to grow your business faster and it’s just a matter of you sticking to it as growing a business takes persistence but these are the exact same things I’ve done to grow multiple companies from scratch.

Remember, we are giving you all of the tools and training you need to become a much stronger Digital Marketer and be able to grow your freelance business much faster. But, at the end of the day, we cannot be at your business for you to grow your business. So, make sure you’re paying attention during the training videos and you’re following our guidance and try to do EXACTLY what we say in the Getting Started section as we want to make sure you’re able to grow your business as fast as possible.

I hope you enjoy our program and I can’t wait to help you in the 1-on-1 work experience section. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out as I’m always happy to help!