Email Marketing Practice Assignment #1

Email Marketing Practice Assignment #1

Competitor Research and Determining Your Lead Magnets

Welcome to Email Marketing Practice Assignment #1

Repeated info from other practice assignments:

Please note that these practice assignments are different from your 1-on-1 real work experience assignments which will come after you are finished with your training videos as stated on our website. These practice assignments are designed to help you immediately get practice implementing what you’ve just learned in smaller, more manageable chunks rather than just expecting you to know how to set up a full campaign all at once. These practice assignments are strategically broken up into several parts and in step-by-step format so that we can tackle every aspect of setting up an effective campaign from the research phase all the way to the creation phase. By doing each of these practice assignments, you will now know how to get your digital marketing campaigns up and going in an effective and strategic way.

Doing these practice assignments are of course optional, but they are encouraged as this extra practice now will help you create better marketing campaigns for the 1-on-1 real work experience part of the program. Instructions on how to do each task, where to save your work, and examples so you can compare what you came up with vs. what I came up with so that you can assess how you did on this practice assignment will all be provided below. Please note that although I provide examples of the marketing content that I came up with in some of the practice assignments, there is no exact right way that your content should look like when it comes to marketing. So, you cannot expect your results to look exactly like mine. What is important is that you are implementing what I’ve taught you in the training videos and in the below practice assignment as this is all meant to help you create the best marketing campaigns possible.

Hypothetical Company For This Assignment:
Repeated info from other practice assignments: As with all practice assignments, you can use your own company, a company you’d like to work for, a made-up company in an industry you’re interested in, or you can use the hypothetical made-up Digital Marketing Agency I talk about below when completing each practice assignment. If you’re unsure which company to use for these practice assignments, using the made-up Digital Marketing Agency may be easiest for learning purposes as you’ll be able to compare and contrast your marketing content with the examples I provide which will be for a Digital Marketing Agency. The key thing is that you should use the same company throughout all of your practice assignments as the practice work you do on 1 practice assignment will be carried over and used in later practice assignments.

Once again, like with all our practice assignments, I’m going to use a Digital Marketing Agency as our hypothetical company that we are trying to grow via Digital Marketing. I want you to assume that they specifically focus on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing and SEO Marketing.

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Start of the Assignment

For this practice assignment, you are going to focus on getting people to give your company their email address when they get on your website so that you have people that you can email market to. By getting website visitors to give you their email info, you can now remarket those via email marketing so that you can get back in front of these leads when you want and hopefully move them through your marketing funnel as quickly as possible into a purchaser. Remember, people often do not convert into customers the very first time they go to your website and they will often forget your company unless you are able to get back in front of them over and over again reminding them of how your company can help them. That is why email marketing and retargeting ads are so important in getting sales or new clients.

So, in this practice assignment we are going to work on lead generation so that we can get website visitors’ email addresses so that we actually have people to email market to. 

Research And Sign Up For Your Competitors’ Lead Magnets

You’ve worked hard to get people to your website whether that’s because they saw your social media organic posts, they’ve clicked on your ad, or they Googled something and one of your blog articles showed up in Google’s Search Engine Results Page. Now that you have them on your website, you don’t just want to let them browse and leave. No. You want to get them to become a customer or at the very least, get them to give you their email address so they become a lead.

But, how do you get them to give you their email address? Well, you have to offer them something that they’d like in exchange which is known as a lead magnet. Now, there are 2 ways to go about determining what you should offer them as a lead magnet:

1. The wrong way:
  • You just simply guess what your target audience may like (such as an e-book, a guide, or something like that) and this becomes your lead magnet where you hope people will want to give you their email address in exchange for this.
2. The right way:
  • You look at 5-10 of your competitors’ websites and see what lead magnet they are using. Rather than reinvent the wheel and waste a ton of time and money (you might have spent money on ads to drive people to your website) trying to figure out what your target audience wants in exchange for their email address, instead, look at what your competition is using as their lead magnet(s) as you will likely notice they are all doing something very similar. Since you have the same target audience, if it’s working for them, it will likely work for you as well. Is it a “Free consultation”, “10% discount”, “Free SEO Audit” or something else? Whatever it is for your particular industry, you’ll likely want to have the same lead magnet or at least something similar as these companies have probably already tested other lead magnets with this audience and they are all using something similar now as this is what is working best for this target audience.

  • Now, it’s important to note that a company will likely have more than 1 lead magnet on their website as they may be trying to capture people at different stages in the funnel. For instance, they might have a lead magnet for “Sign up for our Newsletter for free tips” and one for “Free 1-on-1 Consultation”. Those signing up for a weekly newsletter would of course be considered to be higher in the marketing funnel as someone who signs up for a weekly newsletter isn’t necessarily showing any purchasing intent and may just want free tips delivered to them. So, the emails this person will get will look very different than the emails someone will get if they signed up for “Free 1-on-1 Consultation” as someone that signed up for your lead magnet of “Free 1-on-1 Consultation” is clearly showing a much higher intent that they may actually want to be a customer so these people will be entered into an email marketing campaign that is more salesy and focused on converting them into customers rather than just giving them free marketing tips like those that signed up for the weekly newsletter.

  • So, for this assignment, go to 5-10 of your competitor websites and see what lead magnets they are using and go ahead and sign up for 1 or 2 of these lead magnets on each of these 5-10 competitor’s websites so you can see what the email campaigns associated with these lead magnets look like when you sign up as you want to have a similar lead magnet and email campaign that follows. Please note that if you sign up for 2 lead magnets on a single company’s website, you will likely be removed from the first email campaign that the first lead magnet put you in and only kept in the 2nd email campaign that the 2nd lead magnet put you in as companies often have their email campaigns set up so that you are only in 1 email marketing campaign at a time to avoid an email subscriber getting too many emails from multiple campaigns which can increase the likelihood that they want to unsubscribe. So, it might be best to just sign up for 1 lead magnet on each website and in this case, I would recommend signing up for the lead magnet that suggests you’re showing high-purchasing intent as you will be creating an email campaign for high-purchasing intent people in the next email marketing practice assignment.

    • Please note that when you are at a company, rather than just simply going to your competitors’ websites and signing up for the lead magnets they have there, it is best to see what their entire ad funnel looks like by clicking their ad, seeing what the landing page to that ad looks like (I highly recommend saving the URL of this ad page so that you can return to it when you want (rather than re-clicking the ad as it’s not cool to do that as you’re costing them money)), see what the lead magnet is for that landing page and register by giving them your email address, and then see what the emails look like. Just like that, you are seeing what their entire funnel looks like so if you are thinking about running ads, you now have something to base what your ad → landing page → email marketing looks like. Once again, for this assignment, please don’t click on your hypothetical company’s competitors ads and instead, just go to their homepage so that you aren’t costing them any money.

By doing this, you have now set up a way for your website to work for you in getting people to give you their email address by using proven methods that are already working for this target audience so that you can remarket them via email marketing to give yourself more opportunities to move them through your marketing funnel so that they want to become a customer. Additionally, since you signed up for some of your competitors’ lead magnets, you will also see over the next few weeks what their email marketing campaigns look like so you can emulate these but with your own company’s twist on them. This is how you can strategically start getting results as quickly as possible as you should never be reinventing the wheel from scratch with these campaigns but instead, looking at your competition to see what they are doing as this is giving you a giant head start. 

In our next Email Marketing practice assignment, you’ll be creating the email campaign itself. 

Recap: Here is what you will do for this Email Marketing Practice Assignment

  1. Go to 5-10 of your competitors’ websites and state in your Email Marketing Practice Assignment Spreadsheet↗︎ (make a copy of this so you can make edits) what lead magnet(s) they have on their website and fill out the additional information asked in the spreadsheet. If you don’t know who your competitors are, I discussed how to find them in your Social Media Practice Assignment #1. 

  2. Sign up for the lead form that suggests you’re a high-purchase intent person on 5-10 of your competitors’ websites so that you can see what their email marketing campaign for that lead magnet looks like. I recommend signing up for the high-purchase intent lead form (as opposed to any other such as a newsletter) as that’s the email campaign you really want to see as you will be creating a high-purchase intent email marketing campaign in your next practice assignment.