Top 15 Marketing Coordinator Interview Questions 2022

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Marketing Coordinator Interview Questions

Congratulations on your interview for a marketing coordinator position!

Getting an interview call can be exciting, but the thought of facing the interviewer can scare a lot of people especially if this is for your first full-time marketing job. 

It isn’t uncommon to forget answers to basic questions due to nervousness. However, there’s a secret sauce to easing the interview tension and making it less intimidating. 

Preparing for commonly asked marketing coordinator interview questions beforehand will help avoid unnecessary stress. 

The more certain you are about the upcoming questions, the more confident you’ll feel. Hence, you have better chances of nailing the interview. 

We’re here to help you prepare for common questions so you can do better in your interviews.

Top 15 Marketing Coordinator Interview Questions

While determining the precise interview questions for a marketing coordinator is impossible (although we do show you a super cool trick to see the exact questions companies have asked other interviewees for Marketing roles in JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program), your interviewer will likely ask a few standard questions to assess your skills and expertise in the field. 

Even if they ask a few non-traditional questions, they’ll likely revolve around the ones listed below as this is there chance to get to know you and more importantly, see if you actually know what you’re talking about when it comes to Digital Marketing and if you’ll be able to help the company grow through the strategies you’re pitching. 

  1. Tell Us About Yourself 
Girls discussing digital marketing

Talk about something that isn’t mentioned on your resume. Think about what makes you stand out among other candidates waiting outside the interview room and proceed. 

“Sure! I’ve always enjoyed public speaking and writing. After receiving several compliments for my attention to detail, problem-solving, and creative skills from my teachers and past employers, I realized that marketing would be a perfect fit for me. Since then, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with helping companies grow in a quantifiable way as I love constantly learning new digital marketing strategies and being able to put what I’ve learned into practice to help companies always optimize further for better ROI based on data.” 

  1. What Skills Do You Think a Marketing Coordinator Should Possess? 

This is often a tactic interviewers use to learn about YOUR marketing skills. So, this isn’t a generic question but rather targeted solely at you to discover what you have in your aresenal. 

“I think a marketing coordinator must have excellent organizational, communication, and management skills. Staying organized helps them track their projects and tasks, while communication skills let them effectively share their ideas with other team members so that everyone can move efficiently in the same direction to accomplish the company’s goals as quickly as possible. Likewise, management skills help them handle several responsibilities like as you have to wear a lot of hats in order to provide great results.” 

If you feel your interviewer expects an extensive answer, do not hesitate to discuss technical skills like SEO, running paid ads,  and lead generation strategies. 

  1. Tell Us About Your Marketing Strategy

This question helps the interviewer determine how you can contribute to their company and this is usually, by far, the most important question of the interview. This is how us hiring managers determine if you actually know what you’re talking about or not as there are so many people that embellish on their resumes but we can quickly weed them out by the marketing strategies they pitch here as we’ll be able to determine if they did sufficient research on our company and can create a plan that will bring a good ROI to our company. Now, we go much more in-depth in JobPrepped’s Free Digital Marketing Interview Training as you need to be very specific in exactly what you’ll do when pitching your strategy, but here’s a 15 second response to this question. 

“I tend to put myself in the customer’s shoes before crafting a marketing strategy. I try to determine where they go online as well as what things they like to see before purchasing by doing x, y and z. I then look at x, y, and z using x, y, and z software to determine if we can make any sense of the data so that we can do something along those lines rather than coming up with a plan from scratch. This will allow us to hopefully start getting the results as soon as possible as I’m extremely results oriented as I want to make sure that we drive the customer acquisition costs down as soon as possible to help the company scale quickly.”

  1. What Steps Are Essential to Implement a Successful Marketing Campaign? 
Successful Marketing Campaign

Just like the above question, this question helps us Marketing hiring managers quickly see if you truly know what you’re talking about or if you maybe made it seem like you have a bit more experience on your resume than you actually do. Here’s your chance once again to prove that you can put a concrete plan together that’s going to bring the company results. You’ll want to be a lot more specific in your answer based on the type of company you’re interviewing with and their needs, but generally speaking, you want it to sound something like this: 

“I think laying down a solid strategy based on data and research is absolutely crucial before implementing a campaign. I usually start this by 1st putting myself in the customers shoes and truly understanding where they are online and what their pain points are before I come up with a plan. I do this by doing x, y, and z and using x, y and z software. From there, I look at what the competition is doing and pay specific attention to x, y, and z. From there, I’ll bring my findings and recommendations to the team for a group discussion to hear their thoughts. This helps us discuss the best angle we can approach this to succeed as fast as possible, really hone in on our target audience, campaign goals, budget, and more. Later, I establish a timeline for the completion of each campaign aspect. This boosts the team’s organization and ensures all marketing aspects are fulfilled on time.”

  1. How Do You Manage Work When Working On Multiple Projects Simultaneously? 

This is a tricky one. We are looking to get better insight in your multitasking skills. The interviewer wants to know if you’re capable of handling multiple projects efficiently as you’ll be expected to do this relatively regularly. 

“I plan a schedule every night before going to bed. I look at it in the morning to remind myself of the tasks I need to accomplish the following day to ensure that I can prioritize completing all tasks in the best possible manner. Then, I check my email to find out about the projects with approaching deadlines and make sure everyone on the team is on the same page and aware of all deadlines to ensure we’re making good progress every day of the week.”

  1. Tell Us About a Time When Customer Service Made All the Difference to the Business

Customer service significantly impacts a brand’s bottom line; your interviewer wants to discover if you know that and if they can depend on you to handle a customer complaint properly. 

Talk about a time when you helped a customer resolve their problem and contributed positively to a company’s reputation. 

“I dealt with a furious customer while working as a marketing coordinator for my last company. They told me they were leaving us for another provider because we weren’t catering to their needs. I let them know that I’d be happy to hop on a phone call so that I can clear up any concerns they had and make the situation better for them as I stated that I know how inconvenient it could be to leaves companies and start a whole new relationship with another company. They happily got on a call with me where I let them speak their mind. I discovered they felt our company wasn’t listening to their feedback. So rather than trying to pitch why she should stay with us, I just let her vent as I wanted to make sure she felt heard. Once she was done, I asked her if we could improve in any other areas, and she requested to see more analytics in their reporting meetings. I was able to apologize on behalf of the company, make her feel heard, and improve our company as a whole (while keeping her as a customer) by getting a better understanding of what our customers wanted and making tweaks to how we operate based on this feedback. ” 

  1. Describe a Time When You Used Creativity to Resolve a Problem

Employers want to know if you have out-of-the-box thinking because that’s a big part of what you’ll implement when working as a marketing coordinator at a company. Demonstrate your creative and problem-solving skills by describing a past work situation. 

“When working as a marketing coordinator for my previous company, I felt we could do better at achieving more followers. I came up with the idea of posting a series of games and rewarding a free product to the winner. We experienced massive growth due to a single competition. Later, we also introduced a series of videos before launching our next best product. The short video series kept the existing audience engaged while bringing in a lot more followers. This helped us quickly increase our follower count by 20%.”

  1. Do You Have Experience With Social Media Management? 
Social Media Management

With over 4.26 billion social media users, pretty much every company now targets users on social platforms. Therefore, your interviewer expects you to have a know-how of social media, and relevant experience in this area as well. 

“Yes I do. I managed social media and its content for over a year at my previous company. I love social media, following trends, replying to customer questions and growing companies based on the type of content their target demographic wants to see. I’m also familiar with Canva because I primarily used it to create content during my time when I managed the company’s social media accounts.” 

  1. Do You Know About Marketing Analytics? 

You cannot analyze your marketing campaign without knowing marketing analytics. Your interviewer expects to hear a YES with added information to boost their confidence in picking you for the role. 

“Of course! I use it to analyze my marketing campaigns. I’m comfortable converting large data and numbers into easier-to-understand illustrations and graphs when detailing outcomes for management. The trends help me optimize my current campaigns as well as enhance my next marketing campaigns to ensure that I’m giving you the best results possible. For each area of Paid Ads, Social Media, SEO, and Email Marketing, I use different software that I can go into if you’d like and I’d be happy to talk about the KPI’s that I track in each of these areas whenever you’d like. I also love to present the compiled data to the company’s stakeholders to help them make crucial business decisions.”

  1. How Do You Access Customer Behavior? 

Regardless of your skills and experience in the field, you’ll struggle to contribute to a company’s success without understanding customer behavior. Your interviewer wants to know if you have the knack for accessing customer behavior or at least know the tactics to learn about their behavior so that you can present marketing strategies that will likely lead to good results. 

“To begin with, I look at market research results to find who’ll purchase our products. Then, I consider various factors, for instance, what will influence the buyers’ decision, how they’ll purchase it, and where the customer will buy it from. Gathering such data helps me plan a campaign for a targeted group and I can look at our competition and Google Analytics to get further into the details as you can never have too much info on your customers’ behavior.” 

  1. Are You Familiar With Marketing Tools? 
Marketing Tools

Gone are the days of manual work; we’re in a new era of automation. Your interviewer expects you to know about and have work experience using marketing tools to speed up marketing processes. 

“Yes. In my past jobs, I used Salesforce, Canva, and MailChimp just to name a few. In fact, I used Mailchimp regularly during my previous job. It helped me plan and execute my campaigns faster and I loved that the analytics are right within the platform so that I can easily make sound business decisions based on performance rather than just by guessing.”

  1. What’s the Best Way to Boost Website Traffic?

Here, you’ll want to provide a detailed plan of several ways you’ll do it for the company, why you believe it will work, and how quickly you think you’ll be able to start getting results. 

“It’s really going to come down with who the target demographic is. Based on my research of your company, your target demographic is likely doing x. So, my first goal is to make sure I understand their pain points and the type of content they like and make sure your company is put in front of them on that platform. I’m going to figure out where they are by using x software and by looking at x, y and z as this type of data will give us a huge advantage. I understand that there are other platforms that can potentially give our company more reach, but my goal when working with a company isn’t just to drive any traffic to the website, but rather, I want to drive traffic that will actually convert into customers as I’m sure that’s what you care much more about”

  1. How Do You Measure a Campaign’s Effectiveness? 

The interviewer wants to dig into your thought process and how you measure a campaign’s success. You must demonstrate your ability to use data to determine a campaign’s effectiveness. 

“I focus Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring a campaign’s effectiveness. Depending on what area of marketing I’m working on and what the goals are for that particular objective will depend on what KPI’s I’m focusing on. For instance, if I’m working on Social Media and our goal is to increase our engagement, I’ll be tracking likes, comments, shares, etc. This helps spot the most popular posts among customers so that we can create similar content.” 

  1. What Do You Think Are a Few Common Mistakes Businesses Commit When Planning and Implementing their Marketing Campaigns? 

The interviewer doesn’t want you to criticize any business but expects you to know about common mistakes and HOW TO AVOID THEM. Here’s an example answer. 

“One of the biggest miscalculations on behalf of businesses is that they create campaigns without gaining a clear understanding of their ideal audience. They struggle to plan effective content that relates to their customers where their content falls flat on it’s face or it resonates with people in driving them to the website but it’s the wrong type of people as these aren’t the people that will ultimately become customers. I always take a very deep dive to gain a very in-depth insight into the target audience and their preferences before planning a marketing strategy to ensure that the strategies we roll out are going to perform well.” 

  1. How Would You Rate Your Communication Skills? 
marketing coordinator interview questions

This is one of the most commonly asked digital marketing coordinator interview questions and for a good reason. Whether working remotely or in-house, you must have efficient communication skills to share your valuable insights and help the business grow by implementing effective marketing campaigns. 

“I’d give a 9/10 rating on my communication skills. 9 because there’s always room for improvement. Otherwise, I don’t think I lack the communication skills required to climb the ladder as a marketing coordinator. My love for talking, leading and providing presentations on complex data has helped me become very good when it comes to my communication skills.” 

Closing Notes 

The imposter syndrome and nervousness of interviews is real. Even the most skilled marketing coordinators can mess up their interviews due to uncertainty and anxiety. However, you can ease your anxiety by preparing for marketing coordinator interview questions. 

Having an idea of some of the common questions they ask surely will help you feel a lot more confident going in. However, what us Marketing Hiring Managers are primarily looking for are the specific digital marketing strategies you pitch as this is what ultimately shows us if you truly know what you’re talking about and if you’re going to be able to grow our company so this is really the area you need to make sure you ace.

In pitching these digital marketing strategies, make sure your focus is not on what you did at your prior companies, but rather, spend most of your time mentioning what exactly you’ll do for the company you’re interviewing for by pitching strategies that’s going to help them grow as fast as possible. 

If you need any help with this, consider checking out JobPreped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program as our former Fortune 500 Top-Level Marketing Exec. will make sure you sound incredibly knowledgeable and that you’re pitching the best high-level digital marketing strategies so that you can ace your interviews.  

Good luck out there and remember, focus on showing the value you bring rather than just talking about yourself as this is what us Marketing Hiring Managers want to hear. 

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