Top 15 Email Marketing Interview Questions 2022 

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The value of email marketing might not be known unless you’ve worked at a company as an email marketing specialist as you truly understand the importance of it when trying to convert leads into customers. 

Although old-school, email marketing remains a popular method to target customers and grow business. By the end of 2025, the amount of sent and received emails is predicted to reach 376 billion.          

With everyone using email, businesses have the opportunity to target their ideal customers and build brand reputation via email drip campaigns. Hence, email marketing professionals are a very important part for any company’s online marketing efforts.

If you were lucky enough to land an interview for an email marketing position, here are some popular email marketing interview questions to help you prepare.                                                                                                                                                                           

Top 15 Commonly Asked Email Marketing Interview Questions

When going into interviews, your goal shouldn’t be to simply talk about yourself and your past experience, but rather, your goal should be to pitch strategies to show the hiring managers the immediate impact you’ll be able to bring to the company if hired. 

So, always make sure that your focus is on the value you can bring and the more detailed and specific your strategies are and the more you can back up exactly why they will work, the better off you’ll do in these interviews as this is what us hiring managers want to hear. 

If you need any help acing marketing interviews, we obviously go much much more in-depth on exactly what to say in your interviews in JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program so feel free to check that out as well as 94.3% of JobPrepped students get marketing interviews or job offers within 3 weeks. 

To help you better prepare, we’ve rounded up some common email marketing manager interview questions to ease your tension so you can be better equipped to handle these questions at ease. 

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  1. How Would You Describe Email Marketing?

Whether it’s your first job or 3rd, knowing the ropes of such basic questions is imperative. A smart interviewer tends to start easy to boost your confidence and gradually climb to tougher questions. 

So, don’t assume the upcoming questions will be easy. Take a deep breath and concisely sum up your answer. 

“Email marketing refers to using emails to target people who have expressed interest in your business. Email marketing is one of the most important ways in moving your leads through the marketing funnel into eventual customers via drip campaigns and automations. Additionally, email marketing is an important part in building relationships with new customers and strengthening bonds with existing ones. I believe a company must have several different email campaigns set up to effectively bring in more sales as well as improve customer satisfaction.” 

  1. Why Does It Pique Your Interest?

The interviewer wants to know whether you’re here by chance or does this role truly interest you. Of course, someone interested in the field is likely to perform better than someone who isn’t. So, this is an important question to see if you actually have a passion for this type of position. .

“I think many businesses are more into Facebook or Instagram marketing, and rightfully so, given the massive audiences on the platforms. Emails, on the other hand, are often underestimated because it’s not as flashy and doesn’t get the same headlines as social media. However, from a business standpoint, I care much more about converting leads into actual paying customers rather than just growing a following. It’s awesome to grow a following online, but if the company can’t convert these people into actual customers, then why does it even matter. Email marketing plays such an important part in actually converting people rather than just entertaining them on social so I see it as a crucial part in any business and I like to play a big role in helping companies grow quickly.” 

  1. What’s the Best Time of the Day to Send Emails?
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Here, they are checking on your ability to analyze data and do research. 

“In general, 10 am and 3 pm-4 pm are often regarded as the best times to send emails to customers. However, I would certainly look at the analytics, open rates, and click through rates of your email campaigns as I’d like to see specifically what’s best for your leads and customers as each target audience is different. I always take a data-based approach when making these types of decisions rather than just relying on generalities.”

  1. Tell Us About a Few Benefits of Email Marketing

This is among the most common email marketing specialist interview questions. The interviewer is simply testing your knowledge and wants to know how you think email marketing can contribute to their business. 

“It’s challenging to say the benefits of email marketing in a few words. However, I believe a few of the main benefits are: 

  • Email Marketing allows us to effectively, at scale, usher people through the marketing funnel via drip campaigns and email automations. 
  • Email Marketing allows us to stay top of mind for leads and send them back to the website through powerful calls to action
  • Email Marketing helps us ensure that our current customers are always up-to-date on how best to use our product/service to ensure they have a good experience with our company. 
  • Email Marketing enables us to collect feedback from surveys so that we can better understand what our leads and customers want so that we can grow our business as fast as possible.

If you suspect the interviewer wants to know more advantages, do not hesitate to expand on the topic. 

  1. What Do You Know About Our Company?

The interviewer wants to know whether you’re here because you applied to many online jobs without researching them or you are enthusiastic about working specifically with their company.

Put simply, have you done your homework about their company? Messing up here can be pretty awkward so make sure you’re able to answer this while putting on a spin on how you’d like to grow their company.

“I didn’t stumble upon your company accidentally. I’ve been eyeing it for the last 3 months now as I love what your company stands for and the help it provides to it’s customers. As I started my research on your company a few months ago, I actually joined your newsletter to learn more than what’s just on the website and it made me even more excited for this role as I have a ton of ideas on emails and automations that could be created with strong CTA’s that can likely move people through the marketing funnel almost 2x as fast that I’d love to put into place as I strongly believe I can help your company convert on more people and faster.” 

  1. What Is the Best Way to Grow Your Email List?

Since every company struggles to grow its email list time and again, the interviewers want to know how you can help them with this lead generation aspect. 

“For every industry it’s different. So rather than give a general answer, I’d like to point out a couple of things that I think would specifically help your business as that’s what I’m here. First, I think we could add a few more lead magnets on the homepage so that people are more inclined to give us their email address so that we can nurture these leads. Secondly, I think the social media accounts should add the company’s website link in their bio as this will help drive more easy traffic to the website where we’ll now have a few more lead magnets to get people to convert. Third…”

  1. How Do You Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign’s Success?

This is a data question in determining if you understand the importance of data and which key performance indicators you should be monitoring”

“I think a combination of metrics helps measure a campaign’s success depending on what the goal is of each particular campaign. In general, the most important KPI’s I generally look at are Open Rates, Click Through Rates, and determining which types of subject lines and content within the emails are getting the subscribers to most effectively take the action that we want. Like I said, this is going to change based on what type of campaign we’re running such as is this for leads, hot leads, or customers, but generally speaking, these are the metrics I’m paying attention to first when determining how to further optimize.”

  1. Tell Us About an Unsuccessful Campaign and What Would You Change About It Now?
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The interviewer wants to know what you’ve learned in your email marketing journey thus far and how you implement your learnings for the better. 

“I once worked on an email marketing campaign with a younger target audience. It, unfortunately, didn’t go as planned. I noticed that although we had great open rates which hinted the subject lines were attractive, our click through rates were subpar in my opinion which meant we weren’t driving as many people back to the website as we could be. I felt as though our early-stage company didn’t have enough of a grasp on what the target demographic wanted. If I were to do it again, I would have incorporated a few more surveys so that we could understand the target demographic better and then give CTA’s leading them to the type of content they wanted more to help move them through the marketing funnel more effectively.”

  1. Are You Familiar With Any Email Marketing Tools?

How can you be interested in email marketing and unfamiliar with the tools? We’re in an era of automation, and the hiring manager wants to know automation and the latest tools to boost campaign efficiency. 

“Working with email tracking tools has always helped me improve my workflow and scale a company’s email marketing efforts quickly. Although I’ve used quite a few different email marketing softwares and platforms, MailTracker and MailChimp remain my favorite given their user-friendly interface.” 

  1. What’s Your General Workflow Like?

Are you organized? Do you know how to manage different tasks at work? The answer to this question will reveal whether you are organized and can work independently to complete your tasks. 

“I start my day by looking at my calendar to see all that I have on my plate for that day to ensure I can come up with a gameplan so that I can tackle each task as efficiently as possible. Next, I typically dive into the data to see if everything is progressing as it should be and working properly. From there, I get started with my tasks and check off each one as they are completed to ensure that everything gets done in plenty of time before deadlines.” 

  1. How Do You Develop a Voice for Your Email Campaigns?

Voice refers to the tone you maintain throughout your email campaigns. 

“I never follow a one-size-fits-all approach because messages are targeted to different audiences so I tend to switch my voice accordingly. In general though, I always try to provide a helpful tone as I feel that constantly being helpful builds trust with the audience so that you don’t just feel like another company trying to get a sale but rather, can eventually be looked at as an authority in the space and someone they trust.”

  1. What’s the Difference Between Click-Through and Click-to-Open Rates? 

This is just a general question amidst a few tricky ones, quickly checking if you know some of the nuances in email marketing metrics. Get straight to the point and answer the question precisely.

“Click-through rate refers to the number of receipts who click on a link within an email out of the total number of receipts who received it. On the other hand, click-to-open rate refers to the number of recipients who clicked the link out of those who opened the email.” 

  1. How Would You Write a Welcome Email to Your New Subscriber?

The hiring manager wants to know how you’d begin to nurture your new subscribers to eventually turn them into customers. 

“Since a welcome email helps create the first impression with new subscribers, I tend to personalize and humanize it. This is our chance to come across as a helpful resource so that they want to continue to open our emails in the future as we nurture them with helpful guidance until they eventually realize the value we can bring to their lives and become customers. So, I’d look at the data and determine what our subscribers want the most and then give them this type of free help via an article or e-book rather than immediately trying to sell them. In time, I will gain their trust and start incorporating sales emails in the funnels to help get them to convert.”

  1. How Do You Keep Yourself Updated on the Latest Software?

The interviewer wants to know your knowledge in the field and WHAT YOU DO to enhance to stay up to date with the quickly moving technology in thai field.. 

“I know how quickly digital marketing is changing so I regularly take online bootcamps like xyz to ensure that I’m constantly getting trained on the newest digital marketing strategies to ensure that I can give you the best results possible. In addition, I also regularly read digital marketing blogs such as xyz and xyz.” 

If you have additional sources, like a professional network that helps you discover new trends, be open about it. 

  1. What Makes You Stand Out Among Other Applicants?
Email Marketing preparation Laptop

Once again, the main thing we want to hear are the digital marketing strategies that you’ll bring to our company if we decide to hire you. So, this is once again your opportunity to give a very detailed response about exactly what you’ll do if hired. 

“What makes me stand out other than the work experience I have listed on my resume are the results that I’m going to bring to your company. I’ve already done a deep dive into your company and a few of the email marketing automations that you and your competitors are currently running and I feel incredibly confident that I can drastically improve your open rates by doing x, y, and z, as well as your click through rates by doing x, y, and z. Furthermore, I feel very confident that I can help your leads convert much faster by changing the tone of the emails and providing more x, y and z as this appears to be working well for your competition.”


Preparing for email marketing interview questions helps you showcase your past work experience but more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to show off the impact you’ll bring the company if they decide to hire you through the digital marketing strategies you pitch during your interview.

Remember, in order to ace your marketing interviews, it’s all about showing the impact you’ll bring so make sure you really focus on coming up with good digital marketing strategies that align with what the company is already doing to show that you’d be a good fit. 

If you need any help at all with this, feel free to check out JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program as we not only will help you get interviews much faster, but we’ll help you ace them so that you can land better jobs and for a better salary just as we’ve done with over 3,000 people.  

Good luck in your interviews! 


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