Top 10 Remote Entry Level Marketing Jobs In 2022

remote entry level jobs

There hasn’t been a better time to enter digital marketing. 

Companies are progressively implementing more and more digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses as consumers are making more and more of their purchasing decisions online. 

Around 72% of marketers invest in social media ads alone. Therefore, businesses are snapping up marketing specialists, from social media managers to SEO specialists and everything in between. 

Studies reveal that marketing hiring is predicted to grow significantly. Fresh graduates looking for the right marketing jobs are increasingly seeking positions in this prevailing field. 

If you’re in the same boat, lucky for you, digital marketing also offers a lot of remote entry-level marketing jobs. Stick around to read about top career opportunities in marketing as a beginner.

Top 10 Remote Entry Level Marketing Jobs 

Because marketing is a unique business department, every company seeks the right experience and skillset to hire the best candidate that can contribute to its business growth. 

The dynamic field allows new graduates to pursue various careers all within Digital marketing, such as content marketing, product marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and more.

So, if you just graduated or are thinking about changing careers and breaking into Digital Marketing, here are the 10 best remote marketing jobs entry level for you to keep your eye on.

Remote Entry Level Marketing Jobs
  1. Influencer Coordinator

An influencer coordinator is supposed to build relationships with influencers and brand ambassadors within the company’s industry. 

For instance, if you work with a fashion company, you’ll aim to communicate with fashion influencers and negotiate varying techniques to build a positive brand image. 

Influencer coordinators communicate with brand ambassadors and influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social platforms. 

You’ll also play a role in planning and executing social media campaigns to build brand awareness and hopefully create more conversions for your company. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for keeping track of campaign analytics to see if this resulted in positive overall results leading to a good return on investment.

  1. Social Media Manager 
Top 10 Remote Entry Level Marketing Jobs

If you’re an extrovert, we bet you’ll enjoy this role. As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for managing the company’s social media profiles. 

You must work closely with the company’s content marketing and digital marketing experts to ensure anything posted on social media aligns with the company’s overall marketing goals. 

As a beginner, expect to publish posts on numerous social platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

However, you’ll be given additional responsibilities as you work your way up. For instance, the company may ask you to design social media campaigns, analyze the results, and possibly even run a few paid ads to boost your social media content. 

  1. Social Media Coordinator 

The social media coordinator role is one of the most popular remote entry level marketing jobs and companies often use Social Media Coordinator and Social Media Manager interchangeably. You would aim to implement strategies to boost the company’s social media engagement. 

You’ll work closely with the company’s graphic designers and the entire digital marketing team to make sure that what is going out on the social media profiles aligns with everything else the company is doing on the marketing front. 

It will be your goal to increase followers, engagement, and hopefully traffic to the website in hopes of turning followers into customers.

  1. Email Marketing Coordinator 

Email marketing involves writing emails to retain current customers and to get leads to convert into new customers. 

This role expects you to be able to create automated funnels that will help provide helpful content to potential customers in order to show off the company’s expertise as well as help people ultimately convert into customers. Additionally, you will be responsible for creating email campaigns for current customers to ensure they have the best experience possible with your company and you’ll be responsible for paying attention to the analytics such as open rates and click through rates in trying to figure out exactly what your leads and customers value the most in terms of email content. 

As an email marketing coordinator, you could be asked to plan and schedule product launch emails, send newsletters, or design customer engagement emails among other campaigns. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager 
Remote Entry Level Marketing Jobs 2022

The digital marketing manager is the right position for you if you desire to work on several areas within digital marketing rather than just specialising in one area such as social media. 

Furthermore, because you’ll coordinate and communicate with almost everyone related to the marketing sector in your company, you need to have good communication skills and have an understanding of the 4 most important areas of digital marketing (Social Media, Email, PPC, and SEO). 

You might be asked to develop and monitor online campaigns, lead a marketing team, execute the campaigns, and research winning strategies for a successful business. 

Other duties may involve organizing events, creating and optimizing marketing campaigns, and sharing digital media objectives with the sales representatives. 

However, you must have sound organizational and multi-tasking skills to meet the business’ marketing goals. Since you’ll likely be communicating with your company’s sales and marketing team, you must have strong communication skills to convey your messages like a pro to make sure everyone is on the same page with your vision. The better your communication skills, the higher the chance of drafting winning marketing campaigns.  

  1. Content Writer 

While every marketing role contributes to a business, content writers, are becoming more and more important. They play a considerable role in building a company’s brand image through informational and enticing content. 

If you love writing, becoming a content writer might be right up your alley. A content writer typically writes marketing copy for companies, including product descriptions, articles, blog posts, web pages, press releases, social media posts, white papers, and video scripts.  

Because businesses have acknowledged the role quality content plays in boosting conversions, improving SEO visibility, and building brand awareness, this is a key position that a lot of businesses will be hiring for.  

Entry Level Marketing Jobs In 2022

You must pay close attention to writing high-quality content while also keeping the business marketing goals in mind while creating your content. Pay close attention to not commit any errors or typos as this can be a huge turn-off for the company – and the customers. 

You can always use helpful tools like Grammarly to improve your writing and spot typos and punctuation mistakes. Furthermore, Yoast can help you check your content’s quality. For instance, your written content must have a good readability score to offer value to the reader and this tools like this will also help you rank better on Google in terms of SEO. 

Furthermore, get in the habit of writing in active voice wherever possible. As a rule of thumb, try saying more in fewer words as it keeps the audience engaged. 

Lastly, get used to writing in a conversational tone as many blogs prefer this. However, the writing style and demand can vary depending on the company and their industry. For instance, a tech brand might ask you to write in a more straightforward, bland style. An animal shelter organization, on the other hand, may require a heartfelt tone for its content.

The key is to adopt versatility and shift your writing style per the company’s demands. 

  1. Copywriter

Many people use the terms copywriting and content writing interchangeably. However, there’s a fine line between the two. A content writer creates engaging blog articles to educate the audience for instance. 

A copywriter, on the other hand, sells the target audience to a brand. It is more about persuading the right audience through advertising. For example, a company may deploy a copywriter to write text for landing pages or ads. 

This would require you to come up with enticing taglines, descriptions, product names, and ad texts. 

As a copywriter, you must ensure your writing aligns with the brand’s unique tone and voice. As such, you’ll need to collaborate with the marketing teams to understand a specific business and how it operates.

Note that having a command of the English language alone won’t help you land this job. Copywriting, like content writing, requires a unique skill set and you must be able to get a message across in as few of words as possible. 

Additionally, you must know how to research a topic properly to write compelling copy. One key thing you will be doing here is analyzing your competition and seeing what copy they use. Further, optimizing the content while keeping SEO in mind is also crucial because what’s the point of writing copy if it fails to reach the target audience? 

So, whether you seek a copywriting job in a small marketing firm or a large organization, these are the key things you’ll want to keep in mind for this type of job. 

  1. Content Editor 

A junior content editor is one of the best remote marketing jobs entry-level. This position doesn’t demand too much prior knowledge and experience like other digital marketing jobs. 

Girl looking for Entry Level Marketing Jobs2022

Content editors are responsible for editing the copy written by copywriters and content writers. Because each business has varying content requirements that freelance copywriters and content writers might miss the mark slightly on, the role may require you to format the content per the brand’s guidelines especially if you’re working in house for the company and have a better understanding of the angle they are going for with their content. 

Junior content editors also upload the content to a CMS and check if everything is up to date because irrelevant and outdated materials can make the company’s website look bad.

Most companies will want you have some prior experience working on content and to know that you pay excellent attention to detail because editing obviously requires you to catch any and all mistakes that might have slipped by the writers.  

So, keep a tool like Grammarly on hand as a little additional help. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing Manager 

An affiliate marketing manager manages company relationships between online retailers and the marketing affiliates. Simply put, you have to handle the business’s external and internal affiliate programs. 

This would require you to provide outstanding customer support. Because you have to direct quality traffic to the merchant’s website, you must handle customer requests in a friendly way. The better your customer support, the more motivated people will feel to take action and get your affiliate links out there to their networks. 

Further, an affiliate marketing manager can also be in charge of improving the company’s affiliate marketing processes and tactics in order to boost the business’ sales. This requires you to have lead generation knowledge and SEO knowledge to come up with strategies to ensure your affiliate links are in all the right places to help enhance business revenue. So, it would be helpful if you’re well-versed in lead generation, automation software, link-building strategies, and know how to focus on important keywords to increase promotion and grow sales.

However, note that not all companies have an affiliate program. As such, the demand for an affiliate marketing manager might be less than in other entry-level marketing jobs. 

Solid communication skills, excellent writing skills, and prior experience in lead generation and ecommerce marketing will help you get into this type of role. 

  1. Junior SEO
SEO entry level remote marketing job 2022

As a Junior SEO Specialist, you’ll be asked to analyze, test, and alter the website content to boost online visibility and increase traffic. 

You’ll be responsible for getting as much online traffic as possible to the company’s website via blogs and other organic traffic. In order to get an SEO job, you’ll need work experience doing:  

  • Keyword Research 
  • SERP Analsis
  • Monitoring competitor websites 
  • Coming up with a blog strategy based on keywords and topics you can get your company to rank for

SEO jobs will require you to combine the ability to research competition, strategizing which keywords to go after, and then possibly writing blog content to put your strategy into practice to hopefully drive more traffic from Google to your website. 

Closing Notes 

Remote entry level marketing jobs are in high demand as this is a booming industry and a lot of people want to work remotely these days. So, in order to be competitive in actually being able to get one of these coveted jobs, you need to make sure that you’re giving the companies the Marketing work experience they are asking for in their job description. 

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