TikTok and Digital Marketing: How this latest social media app can help you promote your brand

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tiktok, social media, app-5323005.jpg

The first part of 2020 saw TikTok downloaded over 300 million times across the globe, a record for app download over that time stretch.

TikTok, known for its unique videos which include dancing and comedy, has developed into a major marketing channel for digital marketers looking to reach younger customers. A significant amount of TikTok’s growth is due to it being one of the easiest social media apps to use in terms of editing video and audio, and adding graphics. Throw in that it is so addictive due to TikTok’s intelligence quickly picking up user preferences to show the user the videos they really want to see.

As with any new social media site, brands need to find a way to maximize their effectiveness on the platform. In a crowded social media marketing space, creating content that resonates for the viewer is more difficult than ever. Here are some ways brands are hooking new customers through TikTok.

Make it for TikTok

One way brands are winning TikTok is by coming up with campaigns explicitly for TikTok. Companies have developed “challenges” where fans use a hashtag and then do something in the video related to that hashtag. This isn’t to say that every campaign has to be a successful hit with seven-figure participation totals, but even getting just a few thousand people can have dividends, especially if brands are able to launch TikTok content that consistently attracts  users to participate.

Some companies that are having success on TikTok now note that it has become their biggest social media priority as it is drawing the most engagement across all platforms. Some credit the high engagement to the upbeat nature of the content on TikTok. Some companies are deriving insights from their users’ TikTok experience to drive campaigns on other social media platforms.

Of course a big key to this is realizing that TikTok is different from all other social media platforms. Brands cant find success on TikTok if they aren’t willing to accept they need to repurpose content and be able to work quickly both in terms of creating a plan and actually executing on the content creation.

Know What TikTok Is

TikTok is likely more than what you think TikTok is. In reality, TikTok is a way for different groups and communities to communicate in multiple ways. It can be a great way to easily pick up trends within these different subsections that are active on TikTok.

With that in mind, it is important not to think of TikTok as a one trick social media. If done properly, TikTok can be as productive and valuable as any other social media medium. Like other social media rollouts, companies need to be cognizant of how they can integrate TikTok into their full marketing capacity.

Be Yourself

One of the strengths of TikTok is the level of perceived authenticity compared to other platforms. With Instagram’s filters and questions about legitimacy of content on Facebook, TikTok tends to remove a lot of doubt through the users authenticity of the content they are putting out. If brands can tap into this legitimacy, brands really have a powerful tool to reach both potential and current customers. 

At the same time this of course comes with some challenges. Not all brands may benefit from this level of authenticity. A brand should be very considerate if its values and voice are a good fit for TikTok. If a brand does not feel it can keep up with trends on TikTok nor does it feel it’s brand perception is a good fit for TikTok, it is okay not to have a significant presence on the app. You don’t want to be that 55 year old accountant flossing to hip hop songs thinking this is going to make your accounting practice blow up. I’ve seen it. It can be painful to watch. So, really determine if TikTok is the right app for you as it’s not for every business.

Know that being on TikTok is a full-time commitment. You and your organization need to be prepared to constantly be searching for user created content, trends, and data to dictate the direction of TikTok content. Simultaneously, you must be unafraid to experiment and figure out different methods for engaging your audience. Remember your brand’s voice and make entertaining videos. 

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Good luck out there!

By Guest Writer,
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