The Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs For New College Grads

the best entry level jobs

Entry-level marketing employees help create plans to improve a company’s sales and internet presence. Obtaining such a position after college will assist you in developing a particular skill set and gaining the skills required to achieve a long-term career in sales or marketing.

In this article, we will discuss 8 entry-level marketing positions that you can consider to get your career started.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the advertising of products through the use of the internet and other means of digital contact to communicate with prospective consumers. This encompasses not only email, social media, and web-based advertisements, but also text and multimedia messaging as a marketing channel.

In a nutshell, digital marketing refers to all marketing methods carried out using electronic devices.

Is it the Right Time to Enter the Industry?

Businesses need marketing to survive. In an increasingly technological society, digital marketers will only grow in demand. In fact, between 2016 and 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% increase in advertisements, promotions, and marketing manager positions.

And this is the fastest growth rate among all occupations. So yes, it is the best time to get started in the industry!

Skills That Will Ensure Success

1. Content Creation

Content is at the heart of digital marketing, and it will be a critical component of the game regardless of what happens. However, content marketing is a massive undertaking in and of itself. In college, you might not have gained this more creative portion of the job. Nevertheless, you must be able to understand not only how to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly material of different types, but also how to successfully target viewers.

2. Data Analysis

Most companies must monitor massive volumes of data regarding consumer behavior, and great digital marketers must learn how to collect and leverage this data to their benefit. Businesses will also be searching for candidates who understand how to use data to improve market strategies in the future. Again, college may have given you the basics of such analysis, but to get the job, you will need to prove your understanding. If you can demonstrate that you can do this in effective ways, you can be a valuable asset to the industry.

The Best Jobs for Entry-Level Digital Marketers

1. Marketing Coordinating

If you like quantitative analysis and number crunching, this is an excellent entry-level marketing role for you. You’ll be responsible for designing and implementing marketing campaigns. You will also serve as a liaison for senior marketing managers and marketing personnel, customers, and suppliers.

The job descriptions differ, but marketing coordinators usually do any of the following: 

  • Creating marketing campaigns
  • Managing publicity and advertisement strategies 
  • Creating marketing reports 
  • Meeting preparation and organization 
  • Assisting the brand officer 
  • Communicating and working with the sales team
  • Budget monitoring 
  • Collaboration with staff, customers, and suppliers 

2. Marketing Analyst

As a marketing analyst, you can monitor and evaluate marketing strategies, make data-driven recommendations for changes, and track the success of marketing campaigns using relevant metrics (ROI, conversion rate, etc.).

You will be responsible for the following main tasks:

  • Data review
  • Marketing Research
  • Customer information gathering
  • Sharing recommendations
  • Assistance in decision-making 
  • The discovery of new technologies
  • Competitor research reporting Market research
  • Tactics
  • Target markets

In a nutshell, the job entails marketing research, data collection, interpretation, and reporting in an understandable manner.

3. Marketing Assistant

As a marketing assistant, your primary responsibility will be to collaborate with (and support/assist) the marketing manager and executives in the implementation of strategy. In the case of a marketing assistant job, you will be responsible for campaign growth as well as profit maximization. 

You will be responsible for the following duties: 

  • Work with customers and suppliers
  • Monitor and improve marketing campaigns 
  • Assist the marketing director 
  • Manage massive ad and marketing projects 
  • Assist the management staff 

4. Social Media Strategist

This is an entry-level position that is in high demand. It all comes down to social media ads. 

The following are examples of basic roles and responsibilities:

  • Create, plan, and run social media campaigns
  • Prepare social media reports
  • Create and Conduct hashtag strategy
  • Evaluate results and make suggestions for change
  • Create content calendars for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. 
  • Track metrics such as interaction, brand recognition, social traffic, ROI, and so on 
  • Create, produce, and distribute social media material

5. Content Marketing Specialist

This is a very advanced entry-level position. It is solely connected to content marketing, so you will have the opportunity to advance in this area.

Content marketing experts collaborate closely with the content marketing team, the CMO, and senior management. You will be involved in the creation, publication, and distribution of web content through your company.

As a content marketing expert, you will be responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Create a roadmap for content marketing
  • Implement and monitor your content marketing approach
  • Determine the appropriate material form for various buyer personas
  • Create an editorial schedule
  • Work on inbound marketing strategy

6. SEO Specialist

An advanced entry-level career title that is ideal for those who are interested in backlinks and search engine marketing is search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. It is a technical and difficult career.

SEO is one market that isn’t going anywhere for the next few years, so the odds of success are very high.

Among the functions are: 

  • Create and implement an SEO plan
  • Maintain a daily website check
  • Obtain new backlinks 
  • Execute SERP analysis 
  • Make use of analytics and SEO software
  • Conduct research and write papers 
  • Keep track of SEO results

7. PR Specialist

This role is known by a variety of titles, including public relations assistant, public relations coordinator, public relations trainee, public relations intern, among others.

Whatever you name it, if you’re interested in public relations, this is a perfect place to start. You should have excellent listening skills, be presentable, and be excellent at networking.

As a public relations professional, you can do the following: 

  • Assist in the implementation of the public relations plan 
  • Connect with all stakeholders
  • Write and distribute press releases

8. Email Marketing Specialist

This is a specialized job with a lot of space for advancement. Working in this position will teach you a lot about personalization, copywriting, CRM, and landing pages.

Tasks Include:

  • Assist in email marketing strategy
  • Conduct automation and workflows
  • Carry out A/B research
  • Organize reports and analysis
  • Develop and execute email marketing programs
  • Lead email marketing software
  • Create and distribute newsletters

These eight titles are some of the most important for new college graduates to be familiar with. When choosing one, grads should know what the day to day entails and how their skills can be utilized in this position. 

One thing to keep in mind about marketing is that it is a vast profession with many job options. Certain occupations require numerical capabilities, such as predicting sales and earnings, while others require more creative abilities.

Therefore, it is critical to understand what type of job best suits your personality and career objectives. Although your first entry-level marketing position will not determine the rest of your career, it will steer you in the right direction.

By Guest Writer,
Aditya Aggarwal

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