I hope you’ve enjoyed the training videos portion of our program and that you’ve learned a lot and are feeling much more confident. I can assure you without any hesitation, you now know 10x more than anyone you’re competing with for these entry-level marketing jobs and you are 10x more prepared in giving us hiring managers exactly what we want to hear in your interviews. You’ve got this!

Okay, 1 last thing before we get into the work experience part of the program. Please fill out the below questions so that I can continue to improve our program and I can better help new graduates just like you get their first marketing job more easily. Once you’ve done that, I’ll get an email notification and then I will unlock your first work experience assignment.  




Video Testimonial

What I would love 10x more is if you could also provide a quick video testimonial as video testimonials carry so much more weight to prospective students (remember that once you get hired). This would mean the world to me and I can even put you at the top of our “Contact List” (if you’d like) so that whenever a prospective student is about to enroll but would like to first ask a student of ours how they like the program, I can tell them to Linkedin message you so you can easily get your 4 enrollments so that I can refund your entire tuition. 

Recording the video testimonial is super easy: 

  1. Just grab your smartphone and text your video testimonial (please record it VERTICALLY) and your full name to me at 626-216-2342. 

  1. Don’t worry about any video or audio editing as I’ll handle that. This doesn’t need to be perfect and “ums” and “uhs” are no problem. Just make sure we can see your face and you don’t have a lot of background noise. 

  1. I’m just hoping for a 30 second – 3 minute testimonial

  1. Simply answer these questions (Don’t worry about pauses in between these questions as I can edit these pauses out):
    1. Tell me about your job search before JobPrepped and how you were feeling.
    2. How did our Ultimate Interview Guide and marketing training videos help you sound more knowledgeable in your interviews? Feel free to compare how you sounded in interviews before JobPrepped vs. now with the marketing strategies I’ve taught you to pitch. (If you haven’t had interviews yet, feel free to talk about how much more confident you are pitching marketing strategies during your interviews than you were before taking JobPrepped)                                    
    3. Would You Recommend JobPrepped To a Friend? If so, why? 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for answering the above questions and hopefully for also doing the quick video testimonial. These testimonials are a vital part of our business and in helping us help recent graduates like yourself.