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Your “SEO Marketing” Certificate

Congrats on finishing the free trial portion of our SEO Marketing Training. This is the exact training that I gave for years to Marketing employees of a Fortune 500 company so you have now been pre-trained for this part of a SEO marketing job. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you post the below text and your JobPrepped Completion Certificate below on Linkedin which lists all that you’ve been trained in within this free trial. Make sure myself and JobPrepped are tagged so you get exposure to our network of hiring managers as well. As mentioned at the beginning of the free trial, although certifications are nice to have, having the right marketing work experience on your resume is the #1 thing that hiring managers look at when determining who to hire and you can get 25 bullet points of the most in-demand marketing work experience through JobPrepped’s program immediately so you get hired much faster. 

Congrats on the certification!

Text For You To Post on LinkedIn (Make sure myself and JobPrepped are tagged in blue) Along With Your Certificate (Download Below) and Hashtags:

Just finished getting job trained in SEO Marketing by Joseph Blanco and JobPrepped! I’ve now been trained to be able to do everything listed here:

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