NYT: Graduating During a Recession Can Hurt You For 10-15 Years Financially – How To Avoid This

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“Historically, college students who graduate into a recession have settled for lower-paying jobs at less prestigious companies than people who finished college even a year earlier. Economists have found that the impact of that bad luck can linger for as long as 10 or 15 years, leading to higher unemployment rates and lower salaries — a phenomenon known as “scarring.”
- New York Times

It’s important that you make adjustments now as your decisions over the next few months can have a much longer lasting impact than you might realize. We’ve seen this over and over again during recessions. Simply getting 15 more online certifications is not going to help you get hired. Everybody has these on their resumes and this isn’t a differentiator whatsoever for us hiring managers as we already assume you know this stuff from college. You need to get the right in-demand work experience us hiring managers want as stated in my past emails. Without this, you will not get hired. As a long time hiring manager, I can’t stress this point enough!

If you want to go into marketing, you must get work experience in at least 2 but most hiring managers prefer experience in 3 of the 4 major marketing areas below: 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO

Check out our “Work Experience List” below if you’d like to see the “wish list” for what a large group of marketing hiring managers said they want in a dream entry-level candidate. JobPrepped actually took this “wish list” and made our program around this so that our students could get this exact work experience immediately on their resume and start getting job offers in as little as 2 weeks.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at joseph@jobprepped.com as I’m always happy to help 🙂  

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Joseph Blanco, Esq.

  • Former Fortune 500 Top-level Marketing & Sales Executive
  • Trained and hired over 3,000 college students and graduates from over 150 US Universities for marketing jobs 
  • Skyrocketed up the corporate ladder with these strategies and tips and was managing a team of 500 marketing professionals by age 29.
  • Over a decade of experience in Marketing and Sales
  • Gave marketing trainings at over 150+ US universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Vanderbilt just to name a few.  

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