Nine Questions to Expect at Your Next Digital Marketing Interview and How to Answer Them Like an Expert

question mark, pile, questions
question mark, pile, questions

The world is moving at a rapid pace and digital marketing is no different. What was the hot trend one day could be old news the next. As a job seeker, you are most appealing to a potential employer if during an interview, you are current on the latest techniques in digital marketing. Going a step further, it is absolutely critical that you can not only show that you understand these tools but also how they can apply for the company you are looking for.

When you’re at that next interview, you can flash your digital marketing knowledge and skills by being ready to answer these 9 questions.

1. Which metrics would you prioritize in evaluating success?

Answer: You should be familiar with most relevant data marketing metrics. However, what this question is really asking is how would you simplify all this information. Arguably the most important numbers relate to ROI (Return on Investment) that a company spends on marketing. When interviewing you want to make sure that you not only understand what ROI is but also demonstrate that you have past career experience working with and optimizing ROI. For instance, say you spend $100 dollars on an ad which leads to $200 dollars in revenue, then the ROI would be 100% as you are doubling the amount of money in revenue that you’ve spent on the ad. 

2. What are the best channels for us to market through?

Answer: The marketing channels that we should be exploring most thoroughly are the ones where our target customer spends the most time and is the most active. This starts with making strategic guesses on what we know about our ideal customer. Simultaneously we execute calculated tests on channels we think might be a good fit and use the resulting data to determine the optimal channels. One shortcut to this analysis that you should mention in your interviews is that you always start by looking at what the competitors are doing and where they have been successful. There is no point in reinventing the wheel if you don’t have to. This shows that  you’re focused on getting results as quickly as possible so make sure to mention this as this will save the company a lot of time and money.

3. What is your favorite social media brand to follow and why?

This question serves two parts. One, answering this question shows that you have the actual experience and understanding to recognize the tactical elements of a social media campaign. Second, by explaining why you enjoy a certain brand shows your passion for digital marketing. Most employers would agree, they can teach you the skills but not the energy which is why this second part is so important.

Answer: My favorite brand to follow is called “Silly Shirts.” I love their design and think it really resonates well with their audience. I also like how much User Generated Content (UGC) they share which allows them to get great engagement rates well over industry standards for the social media platforms they’re on. 

This shows that you understand the importance of design, brand consistency, tactics to improve engagement rates, and the importance of engagement rates in general.

4. How do you research campaign keywords?

Use this question to highlight how you understand both the big picture and nuance of effectively using keywords. Don’t be afraid to flex terms relevant to keyword lingo while also making sure to talk about specific tools that can help with this, whether that be GoogleAdWords, Ahrefs or others. Even if you have not worked with certain tools, just showing you have an understanding can help.

Answer: Usually my keyword search begins with looking at what keywords are searched the most frequently per month. Next, I look at how competitive and costly it’s going to be to rank for these keywords. Mention that your focus is always on ROI so often times, you aren’t going to go after the keywords that get the most searches per month, but rather, you’re going to look at the keywords and the intent behind them and try to determine where you’re going to get the most return on investment. Then I extract that data to an excel sheet to compare the totals. The keywords that project to have the best ROI are the ones I try to pursue

5. What have you found are the most effective ways to get customer feedback?

 Here is a great time to show how you fully understand that marketing is not a one-way communication. Employers love to hear about what tools a candidate has employed to collect data, how it was analyzed and then put towards a marketing campaign. 

Answer: I’ve found that surveys are one of the best ways to get customer feedback. People are always willing to share opinions. I’ve learned from my past work experience that you should test when to ask customers for their opinions as you’ll get different response rates depending on when, where, and how you request feedback. Through A/B testing, I have found that email has typically given us the best response rates and from previous experience, it appeared as though 10-15 days after they became customers always gave us the most responses. However, I understand that each industry is different so I’d definitely conduct A/B testing here once again to see what performs best. 

6. In your opinion, what are the most important elements to a digital marketing campaign?

Employers value marketers who can see the big picture and understand successful digital marketing is more than just having SEO optimized content for example. It’s about understanding what people want and where they are in the marketing funnel. Once you can do that, then it’s all about making sure all of the digital marketing campaigns are running smoothly together across all platforms. 

Answer: We need to always have the customer on the top of our mind. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and what they want at each stage in the buyer’s journey. We must not give them what we want them to know about us, but rather, we must focus on providing them what they want and then guiding them through the buyer’s journey with how we can solve their pain points and make their lives better. Furthermore, if we’re using several different channels to ultimately convert them, we need to make sure that they are all working together to move the potential customer through the funnel regardless of if they are starting from social media, a PPC ad, or from organic traffic. We need to make sure all of these methods are working efficiently together to ensure we are converting in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

7. How can we control our brand on social media?

A good response will center around knowing your audience and staying consistent in your tone across all platforms. 

Answer: We always want to make sure we aren’t’ talking to our potential customers but rather opening up dialogue with them. We always want them to feel as though our communication with them is a 2 way street so that we can come across as an approachable and helpful company rather than one that’s just sending out info. This is the start of any good relationship in my opinion. From there, we can use tools such as Google Alerts so that we can be notified anytime our company is mentioned so that we can be fully informed about what’s being said about us and we can respond quickly and effectively. Brand control is extremely important to me and this is how I’ve made sure all my companies I’ve worked for in the past have always had a great online image. 

8. How do you determine the value of a new email subscriber or social media follower?

Answer: That’s a good question as we should always have a complete understanding of the dollar amount associated with each follower and email address that we’re able to obtain from each marketing channel as this will show us how much is worth spending on acquiring new followers or email addresses on each marketing channel. We can calculate this by using both historical data and our own research based on what we’ve seen with our followers and the email addresses we’ve received. With my past company, it costs us roughly $3 to acquire a lead (email address). We were able to convert 10% of these leads into customers. So I was able to run the numbers based on these and average sale price to know that I could not spend over a certain amount in email acquisition otherwise we wouldn’t have a good ROI.

9. Is SEO still a viable digital marketing solution? If so, how would you do it for our company?

Yes SEO is still a viable digital marketing solution. 

Answer: Customers still need to type queries to find what they are looking for. Even if those searches aren’t happening directly through an SEO platform, that data is still valuable to making sure we are near the top of the search. Once we have that data (using software like Ahrefs) we would look to figure out how to move up the rankings in a manner that is both quick and cost effective. Part of this will involve making sure we are up to date with how websites program their searches and making sure we can generate high quality content (such as blogs and infographics) that match well with those algorithms. SEO takes time to build but once we’re able to rank well within Google search, SEO can be an incredibly powerful aspect of our marketing strategy that can return an amazing return on investment. 

Yes this is just the tip of the iceberg on what you should be talking about during your interviews, but you want to make sure at the very least you’re able to answer these questions. Still, the most important thing you’re going to want to do is pitch the marketing strategies that you’d bring if hired as this is the #1 thing hiring managers are wanting to hear from you as this will show the impact you can have if hired as well as it will really show you know what you’re talking about. 

Good luck out there!

By Guest Writer,
Eric Saltzman

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