How JobPrepped Will Help You Get a Marketing Job Faster

Step 1

We Immediately Train You In Digital Marketing in an On-Demand Setting

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  • Creating a Buyer Persona
  • Branding
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Growing Your Following Quickly
  • Acquiring Leads Through Social Media
  • Using Influencers
  • Analytics/Measuring Your Results
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More
  • Lead Generation
  • Creating Great Emails
  • Increasing Open Rates and Click Through Rates
  • Segmenting Lists
  • Automation/Workflows
  • Deliverability
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  • Campaign Goals, Metrics, and Budgeting
  • Determining Your Campaign Type
  • Keywords and AdGroups
  • Creating Optimized Landing Pages
  • Determining Bidding Strategy
  • Maximizing Your ROI
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SERP Analysis
  • Content Writing
  • Optimization
  • Brand Promotion + Link Building
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Running Ads on Google
  • Getting your website to rank high on Google
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Getting other websites to link to yours for more exposure
  • & Much More
  • Getting the most out of Influencer Campaigns
  • Determining which size Influencers are best for your campaigns
  • How to find the perfect Influencers
  • Properly disclosing Influencers Paid Posts
  • & Much More
  • How to create Viral Content
  • How to create the best content
  • How to create highly engaging Text, Image, Stories, Reels, Video, Blog Content and more
  • Optimizing content to get more reach and higher engagement
  • Properly repurposing content across several platforms
  • Creating content calendars
  • Distributing content for maximum reach
  • & Much More

Learn 100+ high-level digital marketing strategies guaranteed to impress your hiring manager and make them see the immediate impact you’ll bring if hired. These high-level strategies are usually discussed amongst CEO’s and Marketing VP’s; not entry-level marketing candidates. This is a big reason why JobPrepped students get hired so quickly. 

We train you and provide Step-By-Step How-To Guides to ensure you have a complete understanding of digital marketing campaigns, concepts, and techniques. We’ll train you on how to optimize your campaigns by showing you how to research your market including your buyers, your potential customers, and your competition. 

We’ll train you on how to position your brand, how to create an omnichannel experience, and how to set up and optimize your customer’s journey through the marketing funnel. We make sure you have both a macro and and micro understanding of how all these different marketing channels play together by providing step-by-step instructions so you understand all aspects of digital marketing.  

Show hiring managers that you know the most up-to-date effective strategies to collect potential customers’ email addresses via optimized social media tactics, website forms, lead magnets and more. Lead Generation is 1 of the most sought after talents in new hires and we’ll make sure you know every high performing strategy you need to know. 

We’ll not only teach you how to automate lead generation and marketing campaigns using automation software so you can show hiring managers how efficient you can make their marketing run, but we’ll also discuss all the main tools that companies want you to be familiar with as well such as: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads Manager, Linkedin Ads Manager, MailChimp, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Ahrefs and much more.  

Understand industry benchmarks and the most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that hiring managers want you to know. Learn all the lingo, how to track these, and most importantly, strategies to improve these numbers so that you can show the hiring manager the impact you’ll bring if hired.

Step 2

We Give You Immediate Work Experience In The Exact Areas Hiring Managers Want

  • Work experience is the #1 thing hiring managers look at in determining who to hire and you’ll now be able to give hiring managers exactly what they’re asking for line-by-line in their job requirements section
  • You’ll work 1-on-1 (remotely) with a former Fortune 500 top-level marketing exec where you’ll immediately put your training to use and complete Social Media, Email, PPC, and SEO Marketing tasks for JobPrepped as a Digital Marketing Associate. All assignments are 100% optional, there aren’t any deadlines, and this all goes under your work experience section of your resume.

Step 3

We Help Perfect Your Marketing Resume, Cover Letter, and Linkedin Profile To Ensure You Get Interviews ASAP

Now that you have the exact work experience they're asking for in the job requirements section, we'll train you on:

  • How to properly sell yourself on your resume, cover letter, and on Linkedin
  • How to get Recruiters and Hiring Managers to start reaching out to you for interviews
  • Which work experience to add and which to leave out
  • The specific order your work experience needs to be in 
  • Exactly how your work experience should be phrased and formatted
  • How to get past the ATS System
  • How to spin your past work experience/hobbies into big selling points
  • And More

Step 4

We Train You On Exactly What To Say To Ace Your Marketing Interviews

  • Give you 100+ high-level marketing strategies to pitch during your interview so you feel confident and sound incredibly knowledgeable
  • Show you how to properly prepare for a marketing interview by looking at their current marketing plan
  • Show you the exact questions they’ll likely ask and how to properly answer them
  • And more