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From 400 Rejections to a Marketing Job Offer in 1 Week

Sophia, who is both an International Student and a Career Changer, took JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program and got a great Digital Marketing job just 1 week after starting JobPrepped’s program.

Sophia’s Background Before JobPrepped

Sophia applied to 400 jobs over a 4 month span before enrolling in JobPrepped and didn’t get any job offers. She believed she wasn’t getting hired for 2 main reasons. First, she was an international student which meant she’d need a company to offer her H1B Sponsorship or a Visa in order to work in the country. Companies often don’t want to do this as it costs them a good $4-10k more in legal fees so they often rather go with someone that doesn’t need sponsorship unless you can really show you’re worth it through your work experience and the strategies you pitch during your interviews.

Secondly, Sophia was changing careers from a Broadcasting background so she didn’t have a Marketing Degree nor did she have much marketing work experience prior to JobPrepped.
Main reason Sophia felt he wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped:
Sophia felt as though she wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped because she was an international student, she didn’t have a Marketing Degree, and she didn’t have much marketing work experience.

College: Communication University of Zhejiang

Degree: BA in Broadcast Announcing & Anchoring Art

Masters: NYU

Degree: Masters, International Relations

Work Experience before JobPrepped:
As a Career Changer, Sophia had very little Marketing work experience before JobPrepped. She was an Assistant Journalist at Zhejiang Radio & TV Advertise Center (2 months in China), an Assistant Account Executive (PR Intern) at Fleishman Hillard (4 months in China) and a Project Intern at Chanel (3 months in China).

What changed in your Marketing job search once you enrolled with JobPrepped?

In less than a month, I gained so much more valuable marketing knowledge than I did when attending a 4-year university, and I was able to put my relevant work experiences on my resume, based on the real world work experience benefit of the program.

Do you feel as though you’ve learned a lot about Digital Marketing in JobPrepped’s program?

I’ve learned so much more in this program than in any other Digital Marketing program and JobPrepped focuses on helping you get a job! I believe for many career changers like me, the beginning has always been the hardest part, because lack of work experience is our biggest weakness. But JobPrepped has just made everyone that’s looking for an entry level marketing job much easier!!

What would you tell others that are considering JobPrepped?

As an international student, I highly recommend the digital marketing program at JobPrepped if you need a company to sponsor you. Before JobPrepped, I applied to over 400 jobs but did not get any offers because I was constantly told that they went for a candidate with with more work experience. After enrolling with JobPrepped, I was able to get a great marketing offer within one week of starting the program.
They were not giving me any sponsorship at first, but my manager complimented my performance a lot and finally decided to sponsor me, which is perfect. So because of this digital marketing program at JobPrepped, I am still having a lot of recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to me for jobs, which is such a complete change from not getting offers before I took the program. Honestly, this is everything you’re looking for: marketing training, certifications, and most importantly, immediate work experience. I’ve learned so much under the guidance of the instructor, Joseph Blanco, and I highly recommend you take JobPrepped.

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