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How a College Student Used JobPrepped To Quickly Get Several Internships at Top Companies

Josh's Background Before JobPrepped

Main reason Stuart felt he wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped:
Although Josh was attending a good college (USC), he was having a hard time getting a good Marketing internship in the summer in between his Junior and Senior year because he felt that he didn’t have the right Marketing work experience companies were asking for in their job descriptions. Before JobPrepped, Josh was working a social media position at his friend’s company but he knew he had to get a paying marketing job during the summer as his funds were starting to run low and he wanted to make sure he’d be able to have a big name employer on his resume so he’d be able to get a great job easily after college. Sadly, despite having some social media work experience on his resume from his friend’s company and being a student from a good school, he unfortunately still wasn’t getting interviews.

College: USC (University of Southern California)

BA in Communications
Minor in Marketing (Strategy & Analytics)
AS, Business Administration

How long was Josh applying to Internships before JobPrepped? 6 months

Work Experience before JobPrepped:
Josh had a couple of internships as a Marketing Manager and a Marketing Strategy Manager for his friend’s companies on the side while he attended school but didn’t have any work experience with known companies.

How did Josh’s job results change once he joined JobPrepped?

In just 6 days after joining JobPrepped and after we fixed his resume and put him in front of our large network of Marketing Hiring Managers and Recruiters, Josh was contacted by a Recruiter and invited to interview at Twitter for a Product Marketing Internship. All of a sudden, Josh wasn’t having any issue getting interviews at great companies anymore and even had Recruiters and Hiring Managers reaching out to him directly for paid job openings. What a drastic change from being ghosted just a few weeks ago. Within just a few weeks of starting JobPrepped, and before even finishing the program, Josh decided to accept an amazing internship offer at Alation as a Growth Marketing Intern which has drastically propelled his career and his ability to get amazing job offers ever since. 

What would you say to other college students looking to get an Internship?

“For college students looking for an internship, this is FOR SURE the smartest most efficient way to go if you’re looking to get great work experience and great job offers from great companies! Most of us want an internship so we can learn how to do a Marketing job, get work experience for our resume and most importantly get good job offers in the future. JobPrepped seriously takes care of all of that in a much better more streamlined way than any internship I’ve ever had. 

Rather than struggle to find an internship where you have to work all summer for free and don’t even get great work experience, JobPrepped gives you all the training and work experience you’d hope to get at an internship immediately from the comfort of your own home and you can add this to your resume so you don’t have to waste all summer at a bad internship where you aren’t even getting good training. Unlike my past internships where I got trained by someone with just a few years of experience, through JobPrepped, I got trained directly from a Top Level Marketing Executive from a Fortune 500 company which is a big reason why I learned way more and got much better work experience for my resume in JobPrepped than at my past internships. I could have stopped here and I would have been happy with gaining the work experience that I wanted for the summer, but I wanted to get a paid job and JobPrepped really amazed me beyond belief here. After enrolling in JobPrepped, and once I added the work experience I got from JobPrepped on my resume, I was now getting contacted by great company after great company which was just a complete change from never hearing back before JobPrepped.”

Would you recommend JobPrepped to other college students looking for Internships?

“Yes! JobPrepped is a GREAT investment and I really wish that I had enrolled in it a lot sooner. JobPrepped helped me quickly get a great Marketing job and I learned more about Digital Marketing through JobPrepped than I did at USC. 100% worth it!

Prior to JobPrepped, I had thought that I knew a decent amount of marketing and I was getting really unlucky with landing successful interviews. However, after going through JobPrepped’s program, I quickly noticed that my marketing knowledge was little to none compared to what I learned through JobPrepped. I learned the implications of different marketing aspects, marketing techniques, and the proper strategies to deliver during my interviews to help me stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

I was able to consistently reach out to Joseph as well, so when you enroll in the program you’ll have access to not only an extensive amount of marketing knowledge, training/applicable work, but you’ll also have direct communication with Joseph when you have questions!

Through JobPrepped, I was given the opportunity to conduct marketing work through several technologies such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Hubspot, Ahrefs, etc. This is the part where they give you the work experience you need to stand out during your interviews as many entry-level marketers don’t have the experience nor knowledge in every aspect of marketing.

JobPrepped’s program definitely showed me new resources/places that I didn’t know about, that 100% increased my interviewee presence to crush my interviews. Without JobPrepped, I don’t think I would have been able to land my job at Alation.

JobPrepped gave me the utmost confidence to succeed in my interviews through meticulous resume guidance, proper marketing strategies to deliver during my interviews, and the marketing work experience that I would have not gained elsewhere such as my own university’s business courses.

I promise that you’ll love JobPrepped’s program and it will be the best investment of your college career!”

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