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From Unhappy HR Job to Running Paid Social Media for Airbnb

Queenie Li took JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program and got a great Digital Marketing job at an Ad Agency where she’s doing Paid Social Media for Airbnb before even finishing JobPrepped’s program.

A Little Bit About Queenie Before JobPrepped

Although Queenie had a Marketing degree and a few marketing internships while in college, she faced rejection letter after rejection letter until she decided she just had to accept any job she could get as she realized that she didn’t gain the right Marketing work experience at her internships that hiring managers wanted. She ended up in an HR role which is not where she wanted to be as she always wanted to be a Digital Marketer and that’s the whole reason she decided to get a Marketing degree in the first place. She stated that a part of her had given up on getting a marketing job, and she really tried to convince herself that she should just readjust her career path to human resources instead. However, as happy as she was to develop some new soft skills at this position, she knew that she had more potential than repetitive cold calling every single day in this job.

So, after 8 months at this HR job, she decided to enroll in JobPrepped so she could get the immediate Marketing work experience she needed to finally land that Marketing job she wanted.

Main reason Queenie felt she wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped:
She felt she didn’t have the right marketing work experience hiring managers wanted.

College: Chapman University

Degree: BS in Marketing

How long was she applying to jobs before JobPrepped:
8 months

Was Queenie Working while taking JobPrepped’s program?
Yes, she was taking JobPrepped’s self-paced program on the side of her 9-5 HR job.

Did you learn lot in JobPrepped’s program given that you already had a Marketing Degree?

In less than a month, I gained so much more valuable marketing knowledge than I did when attending a 4-year university, and I was able to put my relevant work experiences on my resume, based on the real world work experience benefit of the program.

Now that you’ve taken JobPrepped’s program, what would you tell others?

11 out of 10, I’d recommend JobPrepped! This program is structured so well that you are more than prepared and confident in landing that marketing role and just doing well in your interviews. During my interview, I brought up good strategies and referenced my work experience from JobPrepped. I had a lot of knowledgeable terminology that made me sound super experienced because I knew exactly what I was talking about. Honestly, if you put in the hard work and just soak in all the information, you’re almost guaranteed a role and good job. I took my time with the course because I had a part time job. But yeah, I landed a role within two months. So, if you put in the hard work, you’ll see results.

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