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From Struggling After Graduation to Getting a Great Marketing Job in Just 1 Month After Starting JobPrepped

Dylan White took JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program and got a great Digital Marketing job as a Digital Media Coordinator in just 1 month after starting JobPrepped’s program.

Dylan’s Background Before JobPrepped

Dylan had a pretty turbulent first year out of college and really struggled to get a Marketing job. Dylan spent a lot of time trying to build his skills, and he sent out tons of applications but unfortunately wasn’t getting any job offers and stated that he was starting to feel like he would never get a job he was happy with.
Main reason Dylan felt he wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped:
Although Dylan had a Marketing degree, he knew his lack of work experience was a main reason he wasn’t getting hired as he wasn’t able to give hiring managers the work experience they were asking for in their job descriptions let alone provide strategies on how he’d improve the company’s marketing funnels during his interviews. Although he had a Marketing degree, he did not feel well-versed in being able to accomplish the Digital Marketing tasks that most companies were hiring for.

College: University of Kansas

Degree: BS in Marketing

Work Experience before JobPrepped:
Dylan had very little Marketing work experience before JobPrepped. He was a Project Coordinator for Epsilon (3 months), an Account Executive for Lalamove (2 months) and a Server/Marketing Assistant at a Pizza restaurant (Minsky’s Pizza) while in college.

What happened once Dylan enrolled in JobPrepped?

In less than a month, I gained so much more valuable marketing knowledge than I did when attending a 4-year university, and I was able to put my relevant work experiences on my resume, based on the real world work experience benefit of the program.

Dylan, did you feel like you learned a lot about Digital Marketing in JobPrepped’s program despite having a Marketing Degree?

Yes! JobPrepped has been awesome for learning so many digital marketing techniques that I can put into action immediately! I loved every second of it. All the things you learn are about how to accomplish a marketing goal practically and you can apply all of this to any modern business. Everything is actionable from the moment you learn it, and you are given the tools to accomplish something that recruiters will take note of on your resume. I got great work experience right away, with application and interview guidance as the cherry on top. Overall, JobPrepped has made me extremely confident in my Digital Marketing abilities.

Was JobPrepped worth the investment?

In my position, the money meant a lot, and I was worried it was “too good to be true.” I spoke to a student and instantly he told me it was the real deal. It’s worth the money. It’s better than any internship or job I have had up to this point.

What would you tell others that are considering JobPrepped?

JobPrepped is awesome. I got a job about a month after starting the program and I can tell you that it is the real deal. I totally had some reservations in the beginning. I didn’t think that it was going to be able to help me get get a job. I thought it was too good to be true so I contacted a former student and he instantly let me know that it was the real deal. Everything in the program is a real actionable piece of advice that’s going to not just help you get an entry level marketing job, but help you be successful in an entry level marketing job. I can definitely say after having taken the program that it’s well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone who’s trying to get an entry-level marketing job. It’s definitely, definitely going to be a good value to you.

The only thing I can say is I wish I’d known about it before I graduated so I didn’t have to struggle job searching for so long.

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