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From Not Having A Marketing Degree to Getting a Marketing Job Offer in Just 3 Weeks

Jennifer Vo took JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program and got a Digital Marketing job within 3 weeks of starting JobPrepped’s program.

A little bit about Jennifer before JobPrepped:

Main reason Jennifer felt she wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped:
Although Jennifer had a little bit of marketing experience, she felt as though she wasn’t getting hired for 2 main reasons. First, she was having a hard time getting interviews because she didn’t have a Marketing Degree and felt she didn’t have as much Marketing work experience as hiring managers wanted. Secondly, when she did get into interviews, she felt like she was having trouble pitching the marketing strategies hiring managers wanted to hear.

Portland State

BA in Communications

How long was she applying to jobs before JobPrepped: 2 months

Work Experience before JobPrepped:
Jennifer didn’t have a Marketing degree but she had a little bit of marketing work experience before JobPrepped as a Social Media Intern as well as a Marketing Specialist for her college while in school.

How was Jennifer’s job search going before JobPrepped?

Jennifer graduated in March 2020. She applied to tons of places and figured she’d eventually get hired as she had a college degree (Communications) and had a bit of Marketing internship experience. Unfortunately, Jennifer spent months applying without getting any job offers. During that time, she reached out to JobPrepped a couple of times to ask for some advice. She received a few interviews from some companies she was really excited about but could never land the job offer she was seeking due to her lack of Marketing work experience and not pitching the right high-level Digital Marketing strategies hiring managers wanted to hear during the interviews.

So, she finally enrolled in JobPrepped 1 year after graduating college as she decided she didn’t want to miss any more job opportunities and wanted to finally land that marketing job she had been seeking.

Jennifer, now that you’ve taken JobPrepped, would you recommend it to others?

I definitely recommend JobPrepped. Before I joined JobPrepped’s program, I was applying to jobs for about two months and I was getting really, really frustrated because I feel like I wasn’t having any luck and I wasn’t getting interviews and I feel like that was because I didn’t have enough marketing work experience on my resume. But then after I joined JobPrepped, I was able to put so much work experience onto my resume. I was able to put SEO, Email Marketing, PPC marketing experience and then from there, literally three weeks after I joined the program, I got a job offer for a marketing role. So if it worked for me, it will definitely work for you too. So I highly, highly recommend you take this program because it is amazing.

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