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From No Marketing Work Experience to a Great Marketing Job at Hyatt Within 1 month

Lian Endsley took JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program and got a great Digital Marketing job at Hyatt within 1 month of starting JobPrepped’s program.

Why was Lian struggling to get a Marketing job before JobPrepped?

Lian stated that her main problem in getting a marketing job was that she had little to no Marketing work experience. She understood that this was the main thing hiring mangers were looking for and she realized this was why she was having trouble getting a job after graduating from the University of South Florida.

What prior work experience did Lian have before JobPrepped?

Lian only had work experience as a Store Associate at Marshalls as well as a Customer Service Agent with TTECH at Home but didn’t have any Marketing work experience.

What else did Lian do before JobPrepped to increase her chances of getting a Marketing job after college?

After applying to marketing jobs for months and not getting any job offers, Lian knew she had to make a change to look stronger as a Marketing applicant to Hiring Managers. So, she began taking countless online certification courses from companies such as Google and Udemy to try to increase her odds of getting hired. Unfortunately, much like her college degree, this still was not enough to start getting job offers as she realized she still wasn’t giving Hiring Managers the work experience they were asking for in their job descriptions.

How did Lian’s job results change once she joined JobPrepped?

Lian graduated from college in August 2021 and started applying right away for marketing jobs. After 5 months of applying with 0 Marketing job offers to show for it, Lian decided to enroll in JobPrepped in January 2022. As soon as she started applying with the work experience that she gained from JobPrepped, she immediately started getting interviews. She even had hiring managers and recruiters from awesome companies all of a sudden reaching out to her to interview at their companies which was just a complete change from her sending out application after application and not hearing anything back. Within 1 month of starting JobPrepped, she landed a great marketing job at Hyatt that she’s loving.

What would you say to others that are considering JobPrepped?

Whether you’ve just graduated or are changing careers, I strongly recommend you take JobPrepped as this has been the best investment for my career. Before JobPrepped, I was struggling to get interviews and I wasn’t getting any job offers because I had little to no marketing work experience. This led me to have some post grad depression because I started to realize that I wasn’t going to be able to get a job that I actually wanted because I didn’t have the right work experience to get a job I actually wanted. Then I found JobPrepped and everything quickly changed. It’s a super cool program that trains in you social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, and SEO, while taking out all the fluff. You get immediate work experience so that you can get hired quickly. What I love is that there aren’t any deadlines for the optional work assignments, it’s self-paced and all the work assignments are optional so you can pick and choose what work experience you want to get. They then started sending Recruiters and Hiring Managers my way which is how I got my job from Hyatt.

I’m so glad that I decided to invest in JobPrepped for my career and that I didn’t end up settling for a job I didn’t want because that’s all I could get.

I strongly recommend you take JobPrepped too.

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