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From Getting Countless Certifications With No Job Offers, To Getting a Job in Under 1 Month With JobPrepped

Don Ross is a Career Changer (former Pastor) who took JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired Program and got a great job as a Digital Marketing SEM Specialist just 1 month after starting JobPrepped’s program. 

Don’s Background Before JobPrepped

Don was a Pastor in Mississippi and in North Carolina for the past 9 years and was now looking to change careers and begin a new career in Digital Marketing. Don took every online Digital Marketing Certification class he could find in order to get interviews and job offers. Unfortunately, after months of this getting him nowhere in terms of interviews and job offers, Don realized that companies wanted him to have more Digital Marketing work experience and simply getting more and more online certifications wasn’t going to be enough to get him a job as he had hoped as these online certifications weren’t a substitute for the work experience companies were asking for. So, rather than keep spending his time getting more Digital Marketing certifications, Don decided to enroll in JobPrepped so he could get the exact training and Marketing work experience that companies were asking for in their job descriptions. 

Main reason Don felt he wasn’t getting hired before JobPrepped:
Don knew he wasn’t getting hired because he wasn’t able to give hiring managers the Marketing work experience they were asking for in their job descriptions so he kept getting ghosted and passed over for people who had the right Marketing work experience.

College: University of Mississippi

Degree: BA in Psychology (2001)

Masters: Denver Seminary

Work Experience before JobPrepped:
As a Career Changer, Don didn’t really have much Marketing work experience before JobPrepped. He was a Pastor at the Orchard Church in Oxford Mississippi for almost 5 years and then a Pastor at Hope Community Church in Raleigh North Carolina for 4 years. He got a little bit of marketing experience on the side of his full-time job as a Pastor while he was a Podcast Creator and Host for a 10 month span for Tribesman Podcast.

Don, what changed in your Marketing job search once you enrolled with JobPrepped?

“Before signing up for JobPrepped, I was applying to 4 or 5 digital marketing jobs every day and hardly ever hearing back from any of them. I had done everything I could think of to try to make myself look qualified for a digital marketing job, from getting certifications in all the right programs, to brushing up on my skills, and learning about the industry. But none of that seemed to be enough to convince hiring managers that I was worthy of an interview as hiring managers wanted work experience and not just skills and certifications. So I decided to sign up for JobPrepped and sure enough, they really delivered. They gave me the exact work experience I needed and and once I put the work experience I gained through JobPrepped on my resume, I then almost always got a callback or an interview. That’s because JobPrepped has really taught me not only about digital marketing, but has given me the work experience to be able to show hiring managers that I can actually do the things that they are trying to hire for. And after taking JobPrepped, now when I get in interviews, I feel confident that I don‘t just have to talk about myself and why I am worthy of them hiring me, but I can talk about their company and explore with them ways that I could help improve their results and their ROI. 

In under 1 month of starting starting JobPrepped, I was able to get a great marketing job as a Digital Marketing SEM Specialist!”

Don, what would you tell others that are considering JobPrepped?

“JobPrepped is definitely worth your time and investment and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into Digital Marketing to sign up for JobPrepped’s program and you will definitely get the results that you’re looking for.” 

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