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Congrats on taking a first big step in getting an entry-level marketing job. Simply hoping for a job isn’t going to make it happen, but using JobPrepped to stack your resume with the most in-demand work experience marketing hiring managers want is going to certainly help you land that dream job much much faster. 

Quick Note: If you’re in a hurry to get an entry-level marketing job, I suggest you test drive our free trial as soon as possible as our paid program fills up pretty quickly as we only take 50 students per month. Our program also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. 

What’s Included: In this free trial, you’ll get to test drive our program so you can see what some of our lectures and our Ultimate Digital Marketing Step-by-Step Guides look like.

What’s Not Included (IMPORTANT): The work experience portion of the program which will allow you to add 20+ bullet points to your resume of the most in-demand work experience marketing hiring managers want and the main thing that will help you get hired is not available during this test drive. The immediate work experience that you get with our program is the main reason why students choose to take us and it’s the #1 thing hiring managers look at in determining who to hire. You can watch good training videos and get marketing certifications anywhere but we’re the only program that gives you this immediate in-demand work experience your resume needs as having the right work experience is what will help you get hired faster. 

A few things to note about our free trial: Although our program covers Social Media, Email, PPC, and SEO Marketing, we chose to let you sample SEO in the free trial. 99% of people you’re competing with for entry level marketing jobs have social media experience. At JobPrepped, our job is to get you hired faster. A big part of making you the most desirable candidate possible is to show your versatility and that you’re a well-rounded marketer up-to-date on the most important marketing trends. SEO and inbound marketing in the form of blogging is exploding in importance within the marketing world. So, we want to give you a sneak peek on how to become incredibly successful with this. Additionally, we don’t just want you to know how to do it, we also show you what software you’ll likely be using once hired (Ahrefs). Newbies don’t have experience with Ahrefs, but you will. Remember, our job is to make you get hired faster and by being able to say you have experience with software like this, not only do you look as though you know what you’re doing, but you’ll also show that you’ll be able to come right in and start contributing right away without needing a bunch of training. 

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Please download (or "Make a Copy" if you want to save it to your Google Drive instead of your computer) this Ultimate Digital Marketing Step-by-Step Guide to use with your program, to prep for interviews, and once you’re hired. There is no need to take any notes during the training as this guide provides everything I go over in the training and I have formatted it in outline form for your convenience. Simply click the link, go to File, and then click Download. For your convenience, I'm providing a link to this below but you can also access the folder that contains all the materials for your free program by clicking the above link as well.


> SEO Marketing Ultimate Guide (Free Trial)

> Work Experience List You'll Be Able To Add To Your Resume After Our Program


I hope you enjoy our free trial. I look forward to helping you land your first full-time marketing job as I've done with 3,000 others. Once you’re ready to enroll, you can do so on our homepage. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email me ( as I'm always happy to help.