We’ll Transform Your Team Into Full-Stack Digital Marketers So Your Company Thrives Online!

Get a drastically better ROI from your Marketing & Sales Team without spending a minute of company time by letting us train your employees in Social Media, Email, PPC, SEO, Lead Generation and more. We’re the ONLY company to provide 1-on-1 training from a former Fortune 500 Marketing & Sales Top-Level Exec. to ensure all your employees start thinking like and can implement the same digital marketing and sales strategies like a top-level exec.

We’ll Transform Your Team Into Full-Stack Digital Marketers So Your Company Thrives Online!

Get a drastically better ROI from your Marketing & Sales Team without spending a minute of company time by letting us train your employees in Social Media, Email, PPC, SEO, Lead Generation and more. We’re the ONLY company to provide 1-on-1 training from a former Fortune 500 Marketing & Sales Top-Level Exec. to ensure all your employees start thinking like and can implement the same digital marketing and sales strategies like a top-level exec.

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We’ve trained 3,000+ employees, in 30+ Marketing Roles, across 40+ Industries for hundreds of companies including

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Marketing is Changing Fast.
So, How Is Your Team Keeping Up?


of executives believe marketing faces a major talent shortage


Only 41% of marketers feel properly equipped for the digital age


claimed that they would be more likely to remain at a company if it invested in their learning


of employees claim they want to learn during their spare time


of employees claim they want to learn during their spare time. 

Reaching customers online is more vital today than ever before yet figuring out how to do so has never been harder. With Digital Marketing and online platforms constantly changing, it’s become nearly impossible for management to handle their workload while also constantly training their employees creating a persistent skills gap in digital marketing. 

So, let JobPrepped take the training off your hands, so you can get better results from your employees while also increasing their happiness by providing career growth through our step-by-step training all without spending a minute of company time.

We Make UpSkilling Your Marketing & Sales Team Easy

JobPrepped is for your team if:

  • You want to get better results out of your Marketing & Sales team
  • You don’t have time to provide hours of digital marketing training monthly
  • You want to make your Marketing & Sales team more efficient while making them more versatile to improve your online presence
  • You want your team constantly implementing the best up-to date digital marketing strategies
  • You want to reduce Marketing & Sales employee turnover
  • You want to improve employee satisfaction and provide career growth for your team

How It Works

3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Enroll And Get Immediate Access To Our Self-Paced Program

  • No long onboarding process
  • After enrolling, we’ll collect the email address(s) of the team member(s) you want trained and we’ll turn them into a full-stack Digital Marketer for you from the comfort of their own home.
  • Your part is done.

Step 2
We Immediately Train Your Team In Digital Marketing in an On-Demand Setting​

  • Employers and employees love our no-fluff, step-by-step trainings as we make it easy for your employees to implement these strategies to grow your company quickly. Our program includes:
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  • Creating a Buyer Persona
  • Branding
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Growing Your Following Quickly
  • Acquiring Leads Through Social Media
  • Using Influencers
  • Analytics/Measuring Your Results
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More
  • Lead Generation
  • Creating Great Emails
  • Increasing Open Rates and Click Through Rates
  • Segmenting Lists
  • Automation/Workflows
  • Deliverability
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Campaign Goals, Metrics, and Budgeting
  • Determining Your Campaign Type
  • Keywords and AdGroups
  • Creating Optimized Landing Pages
  • Determining Bidding Strategy
  • Maximizing Your ROI
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SERP Analysis
  • Content Writing
  • Optimization
  • Brand Promotion + Link Building
  • Tons of Strategies
  • & Much More
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Running Ads on Google
  • Getting your website to rank high on Google
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Getting other websites to link to yours for more exposure
  • & Much More
  • Getting the most out of Influencer Campaigns
  • Determining which size Influencers are best for your campaigns
  • How to find the perfect Influencers
  • Properly disclosing Influencers Paid Posts
  • & Much More
  • How to create Viral Content
  • How to create the best content
  • How to create highly engaging Text, Image, Stories, Reels, Video, Blog Content and more
  • Optimizing content to get more reach and higher engagement
  • Properly repurposing content across several platforms
  • Creating content calendars
  • Distributing content for maximum reach
  • & Much More
  • We’ll train your employees in 100+ high-level digital marketing strategies that they can immediately implement at your company.

  • We train your employees and provide Step-By-Step How-To Guides to ensure they have a complete understanding of digital marketing campaigns, concepts, and techniques. We’ll train them on how to optimize your campaigns by showing them how to research a market including the buyers, the potential customers, and the competition.

  • We’ll train them on how to position a brand, how to create an omnichannel experience, and how to set up and optimize a customer’s journey through the marketing funnel. We make sure they have both a macro and and micro understanding of how all these different marketing channels work together by providing step-by-step instructions so they understand all aspects of digital marketing.
  • We’ll train your employees in the most up-to-date effective strategies to collect potential customers’ email addresses via optimized social media tactics, website forms, lead magnets, automation tools and more.  Lead Generation is 1 of the most crucial parts in growing your company and we’ll make sure they know every high performing strategy they need to know.
  • We’ll not only teach them how to automate lead generation and marketing campaigns using automation software making their lead gen much more efficient,  but we’ll also discuss all the main tools they should be familiar with as well such as: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads Manager, Linkedin Ads Manager, MailChimp, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Ahrefs and much more.
  • We’ll discuss industry benchmarks and the most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that they should focus on. We’ll make sure they know all the lingo, how to track these, and most importantly, strategies to improve these numbers so that they can bring an immediate impact to your company.

Step 3
We Provide 1-on-1 Guidance To Make Sure Your Team Can Implement Digital Marketing Campaigns Successfully

  • Your employees can work 1-on-1 (remotely) with a former Fortune 500 Top-Level Marketing & Sales Exec. where they can put their training to use and complete the most common Lead Generation, Social Media, Email, PPC, and SEO Marketing tasks. All assignments we give are 100% optional and there aren’t any deadlines.
  • This allows us to work 1-on-1 with your employees and optimize their work product of any mistakes so they can immediately provide great work for your company and start thinking like a top-level exec.

Results Matter.

Have your team take our program and they’ll be able to:

Implement 100+ New Digital Marketing Strategies

Expand your company’s online presence using new areas of Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Be more independent and tackle new areas of online marketing and sales without your training

Be happier and eager to to put their training to work for better results

By the end of our program, your employees will be able to do all of the below for your company

Social Media

  • Create and optimize lead generation strategies
  • Set up automated lead generation campaigns using Automation tools
  • Create new buyer personas
  • Improve your branding
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Grow your social media following quickly
  • Create high performing content and increase engagement rates
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  • Set up and create optimized social media ads on FB, IG, and LinkedIn
  • Set up digital marketing calendars
  • Optimize your social media pages
  • Set up social media partnerships and create influencer marketing campaigns
  • Analyze data and measure results of campaigns
  • And More

Email Marketing

  • Grow your email list quickly
  • Create and set up high performing lead magnets and opt-in forms
  • Implement tons of lead generation strategies to gain more emails
  • Craft high performing emails
  • Create an email marketing strategy
  • Segment email lists for more personalization
  • Set up email automations and workflows based on user actions
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  • Set up workflows for:
      1. Topic Workflows
      2. Blog Subscriber Workflow
      3. New Customer Workflow
      4. Engaged Contact Workflow
      5. Lead Nurturing Workflow
      6. Internal Sales Rep Notification Workflow
      7. Re-engagement Workflow
      8. Registration or Event Workflow
      9. Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow
      10. Upsell Workflow
      11. Customer Happiness Workflow
      12. Customer Success Workflow
      13. Upcoming Purchase Reminder Workflow
      14. Customer Service Ticket Workflow
      15. Deal Based Workflow
  • Analyze data and increase open and click through rates
  • Write subject lines and body copy
  • Add high performing images for emails
  • Re-engage with non-active subscribers to increase their open rates
  • Scrub lists to ensure accurate data
  • Improve deliverability of emails
  • Can follow all CAN-SPAM and GDPR Compliance Rule
  • And More


  • Run PPC campaigns on Facebook, IG, Linkedin, and in Google Ads
  • Perform keyword research and analyze which keywords to target based on budget, competition, and intent
  • Establish goals and strategies based on defined budgets
  • Determine the best campaign type based on customer goals
  • Can determine the best platform to test based on customer goals
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  • Create high performing ad copy, images, and videos
  • Determine the best audience for an ad campaign
  • Create high performing landing pages
  • Determine the best bidding strategy
  • Provide a multitude of strategies to increase ROAS
  • Set up A/B Testing to optimize ad spend
  • Implement the newest best practices to ensure great results
  • And more


  • Perform keyword research and determine the best keywords to focus content around.
  • Perform a highly detailed SERP Analysis
  • Analyze competitors’ websites and highest performing blogs
  • Determine blog topics that you can rank for quickly based on research
  • Gain backlinks quickly by researching broken links and no-follow links
  • Create a backlinking strategy for faster results
  • Rank on page 1 of Google through SEO best practices
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  • Optimize your website for better SEO performance
  • Create SEO friendly blog content
  • Create high performing and highly linkable blog/infographic content
  • Promote blog content through paid ads, other publishers, content syndication, social media and through backlinking
  • Create the following blog types: 
        1. How-to 
        2. Listicles
        3. Ultimate Guides
        4. Tests and Quizzes
        5. Quote Graphics
        6. Directories
        7. Surveys
        8. Original Research
        9. Controversial Opinion Pieces
        10. Case Studies
        11. White Papers
        12. Interviews
        13. Newsjacking
  • And more

What Our Customers Had to Say

Iza Zajfert

I’ve worked in marketing for over a decade and decided to take this program because one of my colleagues kept telling me about all of the new digital marketing strategies that they learned from JobPrepped. So I checked it out and was very impressed. They provide some really great innovative strategies and I’m glad I took it.

Bryan Davila

JobPrepped is an amazing investment I wish I had found out about sooner. The marketing strategies that he teaches in his program are easy to understand because he gives you step by step instructions – I applied some of these with my company and am already seeing great results.

Rimah Alhulelah

Take JobPrepped! You will leave this program feeling much more confident about your own skills and knowledge.

John-Paul Amoroso

This program was exactly what I needed. I wanted to quickly gain more experience in other areas of digital marketing to help me advance my career and was able to do that through Jobprepped. They provide great marketing strategies throughout the program as well. I’ve used a few in the past and I know they work firsthand so I’m looking forward to trying the many others.

Anchal Javid

100% worth the investment as it is all cut to the chase and gives exactly what you need to know. JobPrepped has boosted my confidence, increased my knowledge as well as refreshed my knowledge from my degree.

Megan Ruby

JobPrepped is definitely something I recommend to anyone wanting to expand their digital marketing skill set.


Included In The Program:

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*Only 50 spots available per month

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One-time Payment

A low cost, one-time payment option. Owe nothing when you’re done.


Payment Plan

A monthly payment schedule so you can spread out the cost of the program.

$180 Today

+ 2 equal monthly payments of $180
starting 1 month after enrollment

Meet Your Expert

Joseph Blanco, Esq.

Former Top level Marketing & Sales Executive at a Fortune 500 Company and was in charge of all training for the Marketing and Sales Team

Skyrocketed up the corporate ladder and was managing a team of 500 marketing professionals by the age 29.

Trained 3,000+ marketing professionals from 1,000+ companies

A decade of experience hiring and training marketing professionals

Over a decade of experience in Social Media, Email, PPC, SEO, Lead Generation, and Automation Tools

Featured as a Marketing Maverick by the AMA (American Marketing Association)

Connect with me on LinkedIn to see more of my credentials

Join a network of 3,000+ employees who have transformed into Full-Stack Digital Marketers through JobPrepped.

View Course Package to Access:

Our Syllabus

Everything Your Employees Will Be Able to Do For Your Company After Our Training

How The 1-on-1 Part of The Training Works

The Assignments They’ll Get 1-on-1 Feedback On

Access the Course Package


Still have questions? We've got answers

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If our program is full for the month (we only take 50 people per month), our system will tell you in big red letters before letting you put your credit card info in. Here, you’ll be given the option to reserve your spot for the next opening (usually within 1 month). By putting in your payment, you’ll reserve your spot and you’ll get access to our program as soon as that spot opens. If our spots are full, we highly recommend reserving your spot to ensure you can start as soon as possible. If you reserve your spot but happen to change your mind before we give you access to our program (access granted immediately when the program isn’t full), we’ll refund you all the money you’ve paid us. Just email joseph@jobprepped.com and let him know that you’d like to drop the program before you’re given access. There will be no exceptions to this. 

If the program is not full, ignore the above as you’ll get immediate access to the program and can start right away if you’d like.

We’ve helped people from all over the world get digital marketing jobs. Regardless of if you’re in the US, Europe, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, or anywhere else in the world, we’ve helped our students get marketing jobs as the digital marketing + lead generation we’re training you in is highly transferable regardless of what country you’re in. 

This course is meant for anyone that wants to expand their skills in digital marketing, lead generation and marketing optimization techniques and strategies. JobPrepped’s training is focused on giving you step-by-step instructions on exactly how to succeed in the main aspects of a digital marketer’s job so that you can quickly implement these strategies and optimization techniques for your company. Who are the employees companies usually get JobPrepped for?

  • Current Marketing Staff – In order to get the best ROI from your marketing team, it’s important your company has an omnichannel presence online from Social Media, to Email, to Paid Ads, to ranking high on Google Organically through SEO Marketing. Unfortunately, very few marketing professionals have been trained in each of these areas which means these important channels aren’t working together as they should be which is costing you results. So, we quickly train your current marketing staff with our step-by-step approach to ensure they know how to quickly get all other aspects of your digital marketing campaigns running smoothly together regardless of if they have any experience in these other areas or not so that you can have a much more optimized marketing strategy getting leads and moving them through the funnel at a quicker more efficient rate. If they are already great in 1 of these areas of Digital Marketing, they can skip this area and move onto the next so they can quickly become well-versed in all areas of Digital Marketing to create the most optimized marketing funnel possible for your team. 

  • New Employees – Training new employees takes a ton of time. I should know as I was in charge of training new Marketing and Sales professionals for almost a decade at a Fortune 500 company. So, companies instead decide to use JobPrepped so we can train your employees for you in the span of days with our step-by-step approach turning them into full-stack digital marketers that can immediately come in and successfully handle the core functions of any Social Media, Email, PPC, SEO or Lead Generation job. We’ll then turn them back over to you as a full-stack Digital Marketer and they can start producing results for your company immediately.

  • Employees Looking For Growth – You love these employees. They’re go-getters. But it can be hard to provide growth opportunities because that often means more training on your part. Keep them happy, give them the JobPrepped program, we’ll transform them into a full-stack Digital Marketer and then they can come back to you with 100+ new Digital Marketing strategies that they can implement for your company all on their own without you having to spend any time training them on how to do this.

  • Interns – Interns can be nice to have. But most need a ton of oversight and training which is time consuming on your end. Send them over to us, we’ll turn them into full-stack Digital Marketers and they can come back to you with over 100+ Digital Marketing Strategies that they’ll be able to implement on their own so that they get a great learning experience working for you and they’re actually able to produce great work product for your company. 
  • Current Sales Staff – Your sales staff knows your customers as they talk 1-on-1 with them. They hear the pain points. Yet, how integral are they in creating your online marketing strategy especially when it comes to follow up emails? Wouldn’t you get a better ROI from your employees if they were able to help bolster lead generation through Digital Marketing? With leads wanting to spend less and less time with sales reps, it’s crucial that these sales reps start understanding Digital Marketing as they are a powerful asset to your company and can drastically help create new lead generation funnels with their knowledge of customer pain points. They should be setting up Lead Generation Automated outreach and creating highly personalized email drip campaigns with If/Then Triggers based on customers’ actions to ensure they are closing on the highest amount of leads possible. We’ll train them in this as part of JobPrepped’s training while also helping them grow within your company. 

It varies quite a bit. We have marketing and sales professionals that are just starting their career and we have others that have 15+ years of Marketing & Sales experience in our program. With that being said, it’s not about how many years of overall marketing experience one has in determining if this is a good fit, but rather, how many years of full-time working experience do they have in Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing, and Lead Generation. If your employee has more than 1-2 years of full-time working experience in any of these areas, I’d recommend they skip that section (or save it for the end) and focus on the other areas of Digital Marketing that we are training them on. Remember, our goal is to turn your employees into full-stack Digital Marketers so they can make sure all facets of your online marketing are working together in the most effective way to ensure the greatest ROI for your company. 


Yes we do. When you purchase the program for 3 or more employees at a time, we’ll provide a special rate. Please contact joseph@jobprepped.com for bulk pricing inquiries.

The program is 100% self-paced so the employee can move as quickly or as slowly as they want through it.

The training video part of the program is a total of 23 hours and it’s all on-demand so the employee can watch these over the span of a couple of days or space it out over 3 months. They can also watch these at 2x speed or slower than 1x speed if they’d like. Once they’ve finished the training videos, that’s when the employee and I will work 1-on-1 together where they’ll put their training into practice by doing Social Medial, PPC, SEO and Lead Generation assignments. All assignments are 100% optional and they can spend as much or as little time on these assignments as they want as there aren’t any deadlines as the main purpose for these assignments is to allow them to put their training into practice while receiving 1-on-1 feedback to ensure they can immediately start producing good work product for your company. They’ll get 1 assignment in Social Media, 1 in Email/Lead Gen/Automation Tools, 1 in PPC, and 1 in SEO and within each of these marketing assignments, they’ll be instructed to do several things. For instance, in our PPC assignment, they’ll be instructed to create an audience within a social media platform that they want their ad to be targeted for, they’ll make a video ad, an InMail ad, and finally create a Landing Page which is where their ad will direct people to. 

Some people move very quickly through the assignments as they just want to gain some experience putting their training to use and others may want to spend hours on an assignment so they can feel as though they’ve mastered that type of assignment. 

It doesn’t matter to us how long each person spends on each assignment as our main focus is turning your employees into a full-stack Digital Marketer that we can turn over to you and they can start immediately producing results for your company.

Once we’ve fully trained your employee(s) in Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing, and Lead Generation via our training videos, we’ll then give them their optional assignments with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete the most important tasks in each of these areas of Digital Marketing. This is where they can work 1-on-1 with a former Fortune 500 top-level Marketing & Sales Exec. to ensure they are creating the best work product possible.   
    1. The Employee Will Receive Their Assignment
      • Once the training videos are complete, they’ll get the first optional assignment. They can decide if they want to do this assignment or they can move to the next assignment if they’d like as we just want to make sure that they can get feedback on the core assignments of any Social Media, PPC, SEO, or Lead Generation role. As part of the assignment, we’ll provide company info, customers’ pain points, target demographics, and exactly how to complete the assignment with step-by-step instructions so they have a complete picture of the situation just like they will at your company and they can therefore strategize as to how to get the best results from their work product. By giving them a complete picture like this, this allows us to give highly personalized feedback not just on their work, but on their thought process as to why they did certain things so that we can help shape their thought process to be more aligned with what customers want and what will yield the best results. By helping them with their thought process as opposed to just on an assignment, we’re able to train them to think a certain way to ensure their strategies are sound moving forward when completing these tasks for your company. 

      • The main purpose of these assignments is to not only make sure they know how to do the core functions of their digital marketing job, but it’s to provide them with feedback on where they can improve so that we can turn them back over to your company and they can immediately produce good work product. There are 0 deadlines with any of these optional assignments but we’ve found that this type of personalized training works much better for your employees rather than just giving them a test at the end of a program.  
    1. The Employee Will Submit Their Assignment
      • Once they’ve finished their assignment, they’ll email me their work product just like they would at a job. 
    1. I’ll Review and Provide Feedback
      • I’ll review their work product with them over the phone on how they can improve their work product as well as their strategic thinking to ensure they are growing further and improving each and every day of their training. This way, they’ve not only been trained on how to do the most common tasks of these Digital Marketing roles, but they’ve even received feedback from a former Fortune 500 top-level Marketing and Sales Exec. on how to optimize their work product and their strategies to ensure they don’t make rookie mistakes for your company. 
  1. Your Employee Is Ready To Produce For You
    • Your employee has now been fully trained and has received personalized feedback on their work product to ensure that they don’t just know how to do key digital marketing tasks, but that they can actually produce quality content for your company. They’ll now be able to pitch 100+ new Digital Marketing strategies that your company can implement and they’ll be able to implement these strategies on their own for your company. 

I strive for feedback within 48 hours during weekdays but our official policy is 1-3 business days just in case everyone submits at the exact same time.

Each Digital Marketing area has several assignments within it. You’ll be able to receive feedback on every Digital Marketing assignment once as this is all you’ll need to feel experienced in how to complete that type of task. Remember, all of this is 100% optional. You don’t have to submit anything and there are 0 deadlines. For example, in our PPC assignment, you’ll be instructed to create an audience within a social media platform that you want your ad to be targeted for, you’ll make a video ad, an InMail ad, and finally create a Landing Page which is where your ad will direct people to. If you want a full list of what each of the assignments looks like, please click “View Course Package” at the top right of your screen.  

Our program is 100% self-paced and flexible around your employee’s schedule so it doesn’t matter if they’re already working full time. All of our training lectures are on-demand so they can watch them at any point. When it comes time to complete the optional assignments, this is all remote and there aren’t any deadlines so they can take as much or as little time as they’d like on these. Most employees are happy to do this training on their own time outside of work hours as it’s providing them with career growth and allowing them to drastically advance their knowledge and skills in a short period of time.

They are fully supported by a digital marketing expert from the moment they join JobPrepped. They will never be sent to a customer service rep or a less experienced digital marketer. Whenever they have a question about our program, they’ll always get an answer from our Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of JobPrepped Joseph Blanco.

No. The program is instrumental in making sure your employees know exactly how to do the work not only in an efficient way, but in the most effective way possible so they receive the best results with their marketing efforts. Furthermore, the 100+ digital marketing strategies is a paramount part of our program and in making sure they can bring an immediate impact to your company and that is all taught in the video training part of the program.

They’ll have access to our training videos and the ability to submit their assignments for feedback for 3 months from the date of enrollment. 

They will however get to keep our Ultimate Digital Marketing Step-by-Step Guide (500+ pages) and we strongly suggest your employees keep this guide close to them at their jobs as these are the exact step-by-step processes they’ll be using to achieve great results at your company. Plus, there are tons of strategies in this guide so they can constantly pitch new strategies at your company that’s going to make your company grow.

Accordion Content

Since I’m personally working with each of your employees and reviewing and adjusting their assignments, I can only handle so many people per month. So, to ensure each person gets the greatest experience, I limit the amount of people we take per month.

Yes. Your employees will get my:

  1. Ultimate Digital Marketing Step-by-Step Guide (PPT Slides) 
    • A step-by-step process for each area of digital marketing (Social, Email, PPC, and SEO) so that they can simply refer back to this guide when trying to complete a task for your company rather than having to rewatch any part of our training videos. These are the same step-by-step instructions that I give my employees to complete digital marketing assignments. Also, this means your employees can just sit back and watch our training videos as note taking isn’t necessary.
  2. Marketing Career Guidance (How To Make a Big Impact at Your Job)
  3. Linkedin Profile Optimization Guidance (for Marketing Outreach)

This is a beginner-friendly program with no prerequisites to each of these areas of Digital Marketing. We make things very clear with our step-by-step approach so your employees will be able to tackle core assignments in other Digital Marketing areas for your company quickly.

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View Course Package to Access:

Our complete Syllabus

Everything Your Employees Will Be Able to Do For Your Company After Our Training

How The 1-on-1 Part of The Training Works

The Assignments They’ll Get 1-on-1 Feedback On