A Guide to Social Media Marketing Jobs Entry Level

A Guide to Social Media Marketing Jobs Entry Level

Studies reveal that 91.9% of US marketers in companies with over 100 employees were predicted to use social media for marketing purposes. 

Businesses increasingly seek competent marketers to handle their social media channels and target their ideal customers. As such, new career opportunities are cropping up for fresh graduates and aspiring candidates willing to break into the digital world. 

SMM can be a great career path if you’re social media savvy and want to work with tech without being a developer. 

Social media marketing jobs entry level allows you to hone your marketing skills and gain experience to advance your SMM career. We’ve listed a few of the best social media marketing entry level jobs below, to help you find what’s best for your given your preferences, strengths, and goals. 

Best Social Media Marketing Jobs Entry Level 

Best Social Media Marketing Jobs Entry Level 

Incorporating social media into digital marketing is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Because a company’s reputation heavily relies on social media, businesses will oftentimes have an entire department that takes care of their social media marketing. 

But that does not mean you have to have to have 2-3 years of extensive experience to get into the marketing field. So long as you’re determined and passionate about learning and gaining the right work experience that companies want, you can enter and climb the social media marketing industry ladder. 

Social Media Assistant 

Social media assistants work with social media managers. The role offers you a chance to gain practical experience and know your way around social media. Eventually, you can move to a higher position with more responsibilities. 

While the precise tasks vary per the organization and its marketing department, you could be asked to develop a content strategy based on what your niche likes, generate unique ideas based on what is performing well in the niche, or share your knowledge in digital marketing plans to help improve results. 

However, social media assistants’ primary role is to assist senior SM managers when required. This calls for efficient communication and coordination skills to communicate effectively with the entire social media marketing team. 

The better you assist senior managers, the higher the chances of climbing a better position down the road. 

You’ll enjoy the role if you like helping others with their work while you get your feet wet in this industry. Plus, working with experts will allow you to learn marketing-related things quickly and use them to grow your career. 

Social Media Marketing Coordinator 

Social Media Marketing Coordinator 

Social Media Marketing Coordinators regularly supervise an organization’s social media and marketing needs. This may involve managing social media strategies, creating brand awareness, and promoting products and services across several different platforms. 

Depending on the company, you could be asked to post, update, and tweet on social media. This would require you to work closely with a brand’s sales, administrative, and support departments. 

SM marketing coordinators are also responsible for starting marketing campaigns to boost the client base. So, you have to be able to tackle multiple projects, meet deadlines and grow the company’s brand online in the most efficient way possible. 

Having excellent multi-tasking, analytical, and problem-solving skills will definitely help you thrive in this role. If your friends consult you for advice or you’re a go-to person for recommendations, this role will be a good fit for you. 

Content Marketing Assistant 

Content Marketing Assistant is one of the best entry level social media marketing jobs for creative people. They plan and execute digital content for social media. This requires them to work directly with the social media team and digital copywriters to ensure quality content creation. 

As a content marketing assistant, you could be asked to research and create new and unique blog topics or social media videos and carousels just to name a few of the content types that might fall onto this role. You will likely also be asked to organize the blogs in a user-friendly way website and be responsible posting them on the website as well. 

Content marketing assistants handle all marketing elements, including creating videos, GIFs, and images. But apart from creating and managing content in general, the organization may also ask you to write, proofread and edit digital content from other team members in the organization to make sure everything is on brand. 

Therefore, this role is an ideal fit for multi-talented people. Generally, individuals with excellent attention to detail, writing, editing, organizational, and research skills can really thrive in this type of a role. 

Oh, and of course, it definitely helps if you’re a creative as coming up with innovative ideas is one of the primary responsibilities of a content marketing assistant. 

Content Marketing Assistant 

Engagement Coordinator 

An engagement coordinator role allows you to sharpen your social media marketing skills quickly because this role will have you engage with customers directly.

It requires you to message and engage with customers through a platform your employer uses. Not only are you required to promote services and products, but you may be asked to address customer questions as well. 

You’ll be responsible for monitoring customers’ online behavior – those leaving comments, and those talking about the company and their competitors on social media. 

Your responsibility is to respond to the comments and of course doing so while keeping brand guidelines in mind. For instance, you should maintain the brand’s voice when replying to individuals online. Tackling negativity and spreading positivity is your job’s ultimate goal. 

If you can handle negative situations without panicking and losing your temper, being an engagement coordinator could be an ideal entry level social media marketing role for you. 


While the title of a copywriter doesn’t get the attention it deserves, the role significantly contributes to a company’s growth. Copywriters set the tone for the brand and attract audiences with their creativity and clear, quick to the point messaging. 

They are responsible for writing social media marketing content and sometimes website content as well. The more informative and clear your concise writing is, the better your writing will perform. 

Good copywriters have the skill of creating a buzz about a newly launched product or company’s services through their short and straight-to-the-point impactful words. 

As a copywriter, you could be asked to write content for a company, proofread it, and create enticing phrases and ads to boost brand awareness and convert leads into customers. 

You can consider this role if you are proficient in spelling, punctuation, grammar and like being creative with words and slogans. 

Graphic Designer 

graphic designers

Although the demand for graphic designers is relatively slower than other occupations, around 23,900 openings for graphic designers are forecasted every year. The figure is still large, and employment opportunities are still there. 

Several AI companies, marketing firms, creative agencies, startups, automotive industries, and digital journalism organizations seek graphic designers. 

If you like playing with graphics, you will enjoy working as a graphic designer. The role requires you to design creative images using software like Photoshop and Canva. You are required to develop illustrations and design motion graphics like Cinemagraphs and GIFs.

As a graphic designer, you must know ways to create engaging and informative content for social media. 

Plus, you must have the ability to work for long hours patiently. The role of a graphic designer is notorious for multiple revisions. 

For instance, your seniors may take time to approve your content. Because the company wants the best possible design for each ad and post, you may be asked to revise the design several times which can get frustrating for some. 

So, this role requires a lot of patience and the ability to work efficiently under pressure. 

Social Media Marketing Analyst 

Social Media Marketing Analyst 

Social media marketing analyst is one of the most sought-after entry level social media marketing jobs, given its contribution to a company’s success. 

SM marketing analysts understand the existing and future social media trends and marketing analytics that give companies a competitive edge. 

As an SM marketing analyst, you must oversee the quantitative and qualitative measurement of an organization’s client performance on SM. 

You could be asked to provide strategic support to clients, support reporting and analysis for digital campaigns, and access the impact of social media on marketing platforms. 

While reporting and analytics are your primary responsibilities, you must do more to stand out from the crowd and work your way up to a higher role. 

For instance, you must set up benchmarks for social media campaigns and their implementation and discuss software that could enhance the chance of a successful campaign. 

If you’re an aspiring candidate willing to play your part in contributing to a company’s growth, you can do so by taking this role. 

Social Media Strategist Assistant

Companies serious about reaching more audiences and growing their online customer base actively hire social media strategists. 

While you cannot take the role of a Social Media Strategist without a decent amount of work experience, you can assist them with their work and gradually go all the way up to becoming a social media strategist director. 

As an assistant, you’ll work closely with social media strategists to develop an effective social media strategy followed by its successful implementation. 

Apart from posting regular content, you’ll examine how the existing strategy works and analyze the data to determine what needs to be changed. Ultimately, you’ll tweak the content strategy to meet the company’s long and short-term goals bring in a better return on investment.

You must also work with your seniors to monitor various success metrics, plan the social media strategy per the allocated budget, and execute it on time. 

If you’re an innovative thinker and enjoy sharing your unique suggestions on overall social media strategy, starting as a social media strategist assistant will be great fit for you. 


With over 4.70 billion social media users, more and more companies are spending money to hire those that can help them with their social media. Therefore, the demand for social media marketers is on the rise. 

If you’re looking to break into the marketing industry, aiming for a social media marketing job is a great way to do so once you have the work experience that companies are asking for in their job descriptions. 

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